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by Monica Arzaga


“All good things are wild and free.” –Henry David Thoreau


This summer, the Rise Bar team has developed the mantra and hashtag, #RiseInTheWild, to encourage fans to share their summertime adventures via social media.


Rise Bar has coined the term ‘”rise” not only for its bar’s name, but as a belief our company lives by. To get up, to create movement, to become active–these are a few ways in which we define rise. We believe everyone has their own definition specific to them.


So as a team, we have decided to incorporate our traditional phrase into something new for summer 2013. We are encouraging fans to take a break from their routine and get outside to rise.


Whether scuba diving in the Bahamas or going for a run in your local neighborhood park, our all-natural and simple ingredients fuel any activity. We want to know what adventure you embark on with your Rise Bar!  


We have developed a hashtag, #RiseInTheWild, you can use on social media to share with us all summer long. Search the hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see how others #RiseInTheWild.



by Rini Sampath


The world is full of high risers: individuals who dream big, tackle each day with a positive outlook, and accomplish their goals. Rise Bar had the pleasure of chatting with Built Lean founder Marc Perry, a charismatic New York native determined to change the way we look at weight loss.

The Built Lean program has helped thousands of individuals lose weight through online videos, and articles. Dubbed the “ultimate resource for busy professionals to get lean, strong, and fit for life,” Perry lives by his company philosophy.


“There are certainly a lot of temptations and exercise can seem like a chore, but it’s important to think about our lives in a broader sense and how integral eating nutritious foods and moving is to our health and well-being.  It’s as much about the mind as it is about the body as both are intertwined,” Perry said.

Though hitting the gym is a priority for Perry, spending quality time with his family is equally as important.


“While it can be very hard as a busy New Yorker running a business, I think keeping those relationships healthy is what really matters,” said Perry. “So I do a lot of lunches, dinners, play golf with my dad and brother — really anything that involves seeing my friends and family more. That’s what makes me happy.”

Perry began his career on Wall Street after graduating from Yale, but his stationary lifestyle glued to a computer screen led to an alarming weight gain. He soon took the initiative to transform his life: Perry went from a bodyfat of 20% to just 6% with proper diet and exercise rather than ludicrous pills or surgeries.


 Besides his own wellbeing, Perry has made some instrumental decisions to help keep his company thriving.

“Each week, I talk about all the exciting projects we are working on, feature comments from website visitors that are positive and motivational, and share personal news from people on our team.  It’s a great way to create the feeling of being part of a team.”


When asked who he would pick if he could run with any person in the world, Perry’s uncanny answer reflected his admiration for nutrition and business world.

“I would have to say Jack Lalanne. He was a game changing entrepreneur who really embodied health and fitness,” Perry said. “I would want to be inspired by his  energy and passion, ask him some entrepreneurial questions, and he could put me in touch with a lot of  important people in the fitness industry.  I guess I could accomplish a lot in a likely long and very intense run with him!”

 There’s certainly a lot to learn from Perry’s approach to leadership and life. Perry rises each day with the attitude he can make a difference in the world. Whether he is volunteering at non-profit organizations in his free time or helping others transform their bodies for the better, Perry is certainly a budding entrepreneur to watch out for.

Perry said, “Every day is an opportunity to try my best, to contribute, and enjoy the things that life has to offer.”



 Check out Marc Perry’s website: http://www.builtlean.com/

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 by Rini Sampath

The time has come to take advantage of the summer sun and clear O.C. skies. Check out these gorgeous hiking locations fit for the Indiana Jones in you. Tackle each and every spot or pick and choose your favorite in the upcoming weeks; regardless of your decision, don’t forget to pack a few Rise Bars to fuel your adventure.


 5. Trabuco Canyon

Live Oak Canyon Rd

Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679

 At about 5 miles round trip, Trabuco Canyon’s hike boasts an abandoned gold mine and terrific sights of the surrounding mountains.


4. Top of the World

21601 Treetop Ln

Laguna Beach, CA 92651

 With sweeping views of the California coastline and breathtaking sights of the most lavish Laguna Beach residences, Top of the World offers a much-needed respite from the brouhaha of everyday life. Simply park in the residential area and meander past the hills to find this neat trail.


3. Peters Canyon Lake View Trail

8548 E Canyon View Ave

Orange, CA 92869

 This family-friendly hike is perfect for your dogs, tikes, and bikes. Slap on the sunscreen and don’t forget your hat for this trip, though — the sunshine can be merciless, even if the climb isn’t as difficult as the others.


2. Black Star Canyon Falls Trail

Black Star Canyon Rd

Orange, CA 92676

 Dubbed the most beautiful waterfall in Southern California by fitness enthusiasts and families, Black Star Canyon is a must-see.


1. Holy Jim Falls Trail

Live Oak Canyon Rd

Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679

 Imagine if the Trabuco Canyon hike had a better looking brother. He exists, and his name is Holy Jim. The Holy Jim Falls Trail is famous for treating its visitors to the sounds of wildlife and water; so stay on the lookout for the little creaturesat this location. Its steep inclines can get treacherous at times, but the trail offers the reward of a gorgeous waterfall in the end — so don’t give up!