by Rini Sampath

 Ginny Erwin has built a brand that has become synonymous with good health. Her company, Ginetics, is more than just a catchy title. With hard work and dedication, her personal consultation services have helped many people change the way they eat, exercise, and live. 

 “My dream was to combine food and fitness in a way that everyone can practice. There is no perfect diet or perfect exercise program; it’s all about what am I willing to do today to care for my body, mind, and spirit,” said Erwin. “This simple philosophy of living goes a very long way in the personal plan that I teach my clients every day. I don’t teach a diet to follow – it really is an opening of core beliefs and how your personal beliefs are working for your health and wellness every day.”

 As the youngest of five children, Erwin grew up in Marin County, California and even spent a few years on the other coast in Massachusetts. She recalls how her father’s poor eating habits led to his death at a young age. Erwin’s loss of another loved one, her sister, motivated her to assist others in their quest for healthy living.

“We are what we eat. I witnessed this fact every day growing up with my two family members that practiced poor eating and poor lifestyle habits,” said Erwin. “I know that what we eat and the food environment we surround ourselves will either kill us or keep us healthy. I choose the latter.”

Erwin uses some unconventional methods to get her clients on their feet and moving. She describes her “Movement Break” method, which she presented at the International Congress of Dietetics Professionals at Chicago’s navy pier.

She said, “I had over 500 attendees on their feet, swaying their hips and arms to U2’s It’s a Beautiful Day. I had so many dietitians and scientists come up to me after my ‘show’, and thank me. Many asked me to come and perform at their conferences. I ended up working with the city of Chicago and Mayor Daley’s office.”

These tactics are well-tested and researched, as Erwin holds prestigious degrees from University of Illinois at Chicago and Roosevelt University in Chicago in Nutrition Science and Dietetics and Nutrition Communications and Marketing, respectively. She is affiliated with the American Dietetic Association, American Council on Exercise, and many others.

When she’s not researching and developing programs to help others, Erwin enjoys cooking, hiking, golfing, reading, and spending time with family and friends. She also explains how she finds her daily Risespiration from God, the hope that she can make a difference in other people’s lives, and nature.

Rise Bar is thankful to have checked in with this nutritional maven. We’re also happy to have her as a fan — she touts our bars as a part of her daily diet.

“Rise Bar is more than just a bar to bridge the gap between meals, or to grab and go,” she said. “There is nothing that I need worry about, such as high fructose corn syrup, dyes, and GMOs. I trust Rise Bar to deliver good nutrition to my body every day.”










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But what is a High Riser? Rise Bar feels that High Risers are people who dream big and tackle each day with a positive outlook. High Risers are people who serve their community, overcome challenges, or inspire others in a particular way. We’ve had great conversations with some of these ambitious and accomplished individuals this summer. Check out the posts on our blog showcasing Marc Perry and Kyle Cochran to get some inspiration for your own essay! If you are a finalist, then you will be featured as our blog’s next High Riser! 


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by Constantina Konugres

Whether craving a small snack or a mini-meal, look no further than Orange County to find a quick, healthy bite to keep your day going. Here are our four favorite findings!
1. Nekter Juice Bar*
This all-natural, raw, vegan juice bar has over 14 locations where “fresh fruits and vegetables get a daily workout.” Nekter Juice Bar gives your body greens without taking them out of your wallet–unlike most juice bars, Nekter’s prices are quite affordable. In particular, their pre-planned juice cleanse is almost half the price of many other juice bars.  Even if a juice cleanse is not what you are looking for, Nekter offers many types of specialty drinks like wheatgrass shots, smoothies, and açaí bowls.
For more information on Nekter’s  juice cleanse plans, menu, locations, and  nation wide shipping  prices, visit their site here:
2. The Stand
One of Laguna Beach’s hidden gems, The Stand is a quaint, relaxed and yes–100% vegan spot that is 100% worth checking out. This small outdoor café offers a large, creative menu with meals big enough to split along with plenty of snacks including hummus and guacamole bowls, soups, fruit shakes, and vegetable juices. Customer’s favorite snack?  The frozen fruit soft serve– “a delightful soft dessert made with 100% frozen fruit–no dairy, eggs, sugar, salt, or anything else.” While meat is not on the menu, The Stand’s salads, patés, pita sandwiches, and burritos are filled with beans and brown rice or a thick amount of hummus as a protein source.
Read The Stand’s rave reviews on Yelp:
3. Banzai Bowls
Known as a fan favorite amongst Orange County açaí lovers, Banzai Bowls is best known for their…Banzai Bowl! An açaí blend with bananas, strawberries, papaya, topped with flavorful additions including kiwi, coconut shreds, blueberries, bananas, honey, and granola. “Superfood” toppers include bee pollen, almonds, and goji berries. Although a bit on the pricier side, a small size of any smoothie or acai bowl will fill you up for hours. Whether in the mood for something tropical, like its Maui Sunrise bowl (pineapple, strawberry, mango)  or decadent, like the DaKine bowl (peanut butter, chocolate, and banana), Banzai Bowls has plenty of options to cater to your cravings.
Check out their popular facebook page to find their 3 SoCal locations:
4. Jan’s Health Bar*
Since its Huntington Beach opening in 1972, Jan’s Health Bar has always been far ahead today’s health food craze. In fact, founder and owner Jan Gaffney is quite legendary herself — one of the first female surfers of the 1960s SoCal beach scene. Exemplifying high quality and locally sourced ingredients, Jan’s flavorful menu serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner making it easy to find a small snack to hold you over, or an entree  to share with others. Favorite items include their guacamole and have’a chips, date smoothie, and famous tuna avocado sandwich.
Visit Jan’s website here:

* These spots sell our favorite snack–Rise Bars!  You can find our bars at all Nekter locations and the Costa Mesa location of Jan’s Health Bar.


by Rini Sampath

“This most recent season I went through a series of injuries right before the show. While competing I had two broken ankles, a patellar tracking syndrome in my left knee, torn meniscus in my right, two herniated discs in my back that fired nerves down my legs, and torn ligaments in my wrists, elbow, and shoulder. I learned what it meant to really put mind over matter and run the course anyway.”

 No medical knowledge is needed to understand all of that means Kyle Cochran, a contestant on American Ninja Warrior, was in a very bad condition while competing. But this isn’t the only time Cochran has turned a harrowing experience into an exceptional one.

American Ninja Warrior obstacle course is nothing compared to Cochran’s real-life setbacks. Unlike the majority of us who can enjoy plentiful amounts of sweets and exercise without a second thought, Cochran has battled diabetes from his youth.

Diagnosed at age five, he has dealt with numerous blood tests, shots, and other medical obligations amidst his athletic aspirations. But since he started wearing his insulin pump at the age of 16, Cochran has found success in sports — apart from training for the show, he enjoys football, basketball, soccer, rock climbing, and parkour.

“Since American Ninja Warrior I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the United States and Canada speaking to diabetic kids, their families, and their doctors. My main message is to never let diabetes stop you from following your heart. And never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something,” he said.

Because of his commitment to inspiring others while overcoming obstacles of his own, Kyle Cochran is Rise Bar’s latest High Riser. We are grateful to have had the chance to catch up with this remarkable athlete.

“I now count my diabetes as a blessing because it has taught me how to really be aware of my body and what different foods and exercises do to it,” he said.

Cochran is driven by his Christian faith and his commitment to family. Growing up in Los Altos, California, he learned a lot about life about from his mother, father, and sister.

“They inspire me and drive me to be who I am. My mom is the most unconditionally loving person I’ve ever met. My dad is the most patient and selfless person. My sister, Kelly, is the happiest person I know,” he noted.

With his charming good looks and charismatic personality, he’s captured the loyalty of TV audiences. His YouTube videos

garner thousands of views and fangirl comments regarding his sculpted physique. Though he enjoys this stardom, Cochran stays grounded with his service to the community: He creates workout videos to raise money for mission trips. His latest endeavor to make a difference in Kenya was almost completely funded by the donations he received. 

But perhaps Cochran’s unconventional answer when asked who he finds his daily Risespiration from best captures his personality.

“I find my daily Risespiration from myself. I know that sounds stuck up and cheesy, but if you don’t believe in yourself, then who will?” he said. “I love achieving what I set out to accompish whether it be in the gym, at work, in school, etc. No one is going to walk into my room in the morning, yank me out of bed and drag me through my day — that’s my job. I am my Risespiration.” 


by Rini Sampath


One of our interns is vacationing in India this summer. See what #RiseInTheWild means to her.


It was a sight unseen: My Macbook Pro, covered in dust. Its glass screen speckled with little white particles. Its keyboard lined by fuzz. I hadn’t touched it in days.

My phone had met an equal fate, stuffed at the very bottom of my backpack. Disconnected from the LTE network, I no longer had knowledge of the meals my peers ate, the music they heard, the shows they attended, and the parties they frolicked.


Before arriving in India two weeks ago, I dreaded this situation: How was I supposed to survive without constantly talking to my friends? Without knowing within minutes what Kim and Kanye had named their child?


But unplugging from the world in this way has been the greatest blessing this summer. Without the steady deluge of text messages and phone calls, I’ve had the opportunity to experience life with fresher eyes. The chicken wandering in my grandparent’s yard appeared more colorful. The elephants I saw roving the forests of a nearby town were grander, more robust.


I soon realized that my senses are my greatest possession. Now tuned to the frequency of nature rather than the wavelengths of a slim white device in my pocket.


Granted, I’m not going to live here for the rest of my life. Back home, my duties as daughter, intern, and college student are anything but boring. But I can always take the lesson I’ve been taught here back to California.


Though I may not have the opportunity to escape to a foreign country each year, I can still put my phone away for more hours of the day. We can turn off the television, our laptop, the car-radio in order to explore our own backyards, nearby parks and trails, and the cities we think we’ve seen.


But no need to just take it from me. According to the Huffington Post, the health benefits of unplugging range from lowering your levels of anxiety and stress to making you less prone to depression.


This summer, I have unplugged and unwound. Now it’s your turn. 


Search the hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see how others #RiseInTheWild.



by Monica Arzaga


Fourth of July is almost here! What better way to spend the holiday weekend than by enjoying with friends and family all the beauty our country has to offer. Take a look at Rise Bar’s favorite national parks. 


Yellowstone - Wyoming

From blue lakes, to mountain ridges, to the world renowned Old Faithful Geyser, there is something for everyone at Yellowstone National Park. With over 2,000 campsites for visitors to enjoy, Yellowstone is one of the country’s most visited parks each year. Take a trip to Yellowstone and don’t bring a watch—you won’t even notice the time fly as you explore the grandeur of this park.

Yosemite – California

Half Dome and waterfalls—enough said. California’s one true love of national parks would have to be Yosemite. Granite cliffs, waterfalls, streams, and diverse species are some the special features the park has to offer. Listen to your adventurous side this summer, and challenge your friends to a hike up Half Dome for a great workout and an amazing view.

Arches – Utah

Imagine a place with remarkable sandstone arch formations created by mother nature herself. You can find these natural arches in eastern Utah at the Arches National Park. You will have the opportunity to explore the park by hiking, biking, and camping. Make sure to bring your telescope as this park is known for its amazing astrology in the nighttime sky.

Grand Canyon – Arizona

If you have not yet visited the Grand Canyon, add it to your bucket list and prepare to cross it off this summer. This park’s vastness was carved out by the Colorado River, creating an oversized canyon as it has eroded over time. The rich colors of the landscape will amaze you; it will be an experience you will never forget.