More Than Just A Snack Bar.

Here's our take on the Rise Bar Lifestyle.


Conversation with High Riser: Katie Crowe

By Liz Lang Our next High Riser is a Southern California native from Pasadena, CA, and to say Katie Crowe was just a CrossFit competitor would be an understatement. She has artistic parental roots so she grew up loving the arts, and doing things like singing in choirs, painting, and drawing. As she got older [...]



Conversation with High Riser: Lauren Baker

By: Liz Lang Sometimes, you just gotta’ have your cheat meal. And we bet you’ll never guess that Rise Bar’s next High Riser, Lauren Baker, loves to chow down on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, sushi, or Thai food (or all of the above on one plate) after bikini competitions! No way, right? Lauren [...]



Goal Setting Boosts Your Chances of Exercise Success

By Claire Bunton Goal Setting Boosts Your Chances of Exercise Success No matter when you decide to up your activity levels and how you wish to do so, goal setting is crucial to successfully incorporate exercise into your life; whether you simply want to lead a healthier lifestyle or you are a top athlete, goal setting [...]



Conversation with High Riser: Eli Portnoy

By Liz Lang Excuses, excuses, every personal trainer, lifestyle coach, and doctor has heard ‘em all—“I don’t have time/money, my motivation is hiding in a box tied to an anchor at the bottom of the ocean, just thinking about that number of reps got me winded, etc.” Another frequent misconception—“I’m too old to get healthy.” [...]



Conversation with High Riser: Cameron Gardner

When we think of our advocate athletes here at Rise Bar, we think of people that are adventure chasers, those that really live on the edge to inspire others. Cameron Gardner is no exception. He grew up in Whittier, CA where he was a swimmer and water polo player during his high school years, and [...]