Carob Chip Protein+ Bar (Box of 12)

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Our popular Almond Honey bar is known for its 3 simple ingredients – only Almonds, Honey and high quality Whey Protein Isolate, and 20g of protein! The Protein+ line of bars is unique and proves real food can still taste good – no other protein bar on the market can boast these nutritional profiles. In fact, all of the Protein+ Bars have five or fewer ingredients, and at least 15g of protein to fuel your body. It’s no surprise at all that Almond Honey is our best selling flavor.





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The Carob Chip Protein+ Bar has a rich, brownie like texture and flavor, but is completely chocolate free. Unlike chocolate, carob provides a rich, delicious flavor without any caffeine or theobromine, which are both stimulants for various parts of the body. Both caffeine and theobromine can have adverse effects, such as jitteriness, sleeplessness or anxiety – and even small amounts can create problems to sensitive individuals. Carob also has more calcium than chocolate does! Customers love that the carob chip bar satisfies their craving for chocolate, and can be a perfect afternoon snack to fuel play, or make workouts great!

Breaking Muscle has this to say, in a review on their site:

“Rise Bar’s Protein+ Bar product line is made with whey protein isolate (17g), so you can’t put this bar in the category of most fruit- and nut-based bars, given that there is a substantial amount of useful protein. Along with the benefit of protein, Rise Bar creates additional value by using a short list of ingredients. The Almond Honey Bar, for example, has just three ingredients, while the Crunchy Carob Chip Bar has five. Not only is the ingredient list minimalist, but none of the ingredients require a science background to pronounce.”

The Crunchy carob chip fits into most lifestyles and diets as well. Free of peanuts, gluten-free, soy free, and no preservatives make this bar a filling part of any day – and of course, it is vegetarian friendly, non-GMO and without sugar alcohols, as well.


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