Rise Bar FAQ

Are Rise Bars really gluten free?

Yes! All of our ingredients are gluten free and produced in our dedicated gluten-free facility. In fact, independent testing shows that our bars contain less than 5 parts per million of gluten, which is far below the minimum threshold (20 ppm) a product can contain to still be considered gluten free.

Are you products really Kosher, as well?

Yes, indeed! We are certified Kosher through Natural Food Certifiers.

Which of your bars are vegetarian and which are vegan?

All of our bars are vegetarian, however some of our bars are made with honey, which is technically an animal product since it is harvested from bees. Whey Protein is also a derivative of milk. Anyone looking for a delicious vegan option can enjoy all of our Rise Energy+ Bars, as they are all certified organic and completely vegan. We also have two new vegan Protein+ options, as well!

I have a food allergy. Are your bars safe for me to eat?

All Rise Bars are vegetarian, Kosher, gluten-free, soy-free and peanut-free. In addition, our Rise Energy+ Bars are certified organic and vegan, and are made without any animal-sourced ingredients. We also are have two vegan Protein+ bars made with pea protein! Our bars are also free from preservatives and GMOs.

Which of your bars are dairy-free?

All of our Breakfast and Energy+ Bars are completely dairy-free. Two of our Protein+ Bars are made with high quality Whey Protein Isolate so they do not qualify as dairy-free. We are however launching two new vegan, dairy free Protein+ bars with a high quality pea protein instead, too.

Where can I buy your bars?

Rise Bars are available at natural food and grocery retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, and online at Amazon.com, Drugstore.com and store.RiseBar.com. To find a store near you, please visit our Store Locator.

Is your whey protein isolate derived from whey made with animal rennet?

No. Our whey protein isolate is derived from whey made with Kosher vegetable rennet, and is 100 percent vegetarian.

Is your Whey Protein free of hormones and grass fed?

Our current supplier sources from several different farms, they can not give a guarantee that none of their cows have been fed Bovine Growth Hormone and especially not antibiotics, nor can they verify with 100% certainty that the cows the milk comes from are 100% grass fed. However, it is an entirely domestic product. No casein or hexane is used in its production.

Are your bars raw?

We lightly roast the nuts in order to break down the enzyme inhibitors which allows consumers to digest our bars more easily. Often times, raw food can be difficult for your stomach to digest if you’re not accustomed to eating raw food. While the majority of our ingredients are indeed raw, our bars are not entirely raw.

What’s the difference between Breakfast Bars, Energy+ Bars, and Protein+ Bars?

All of our bars are gluten free, vegetarian and do not contain any preservatives, GMOs, soy or peanuts. Our Breakfast Bars are all-natural nutrition bars, made with hearty chunks of fruits and nuts. They are sweetened with honey and are completely vegetarian. Rise Energy+ Bars are organic, vegan, and sweetened with organic tapioca syrup and brown rice syrup. They are also packed with antioxidant rich superfruits such as Acai and Goji Berry. Protein+ Bars are loaded with 15 grams of protein or more, and contain five ingredients or less. They are made with the highest quality whey protein isolate or pea protein isolate, and blended with delicious nuts and seeds for a delicious smooth texture made for a great workout or recovery snack.

How are Rise Bars different from other nutrition bars?

Many energy bars rely on artificial ingredients, added sugars, and processed grains, making them no more nutritious than a candy bar. Rise Bars provide wholesome energy and nutrition from unprocessed nuts, fruit and seeds. In addition, Rise Bars are vegetarian and Kosher, and are free of gluten, preservatives, GMOs, soy and peanuts, making them a convenient choice for anyone. In three varieties and many delicious flavors, anyone can enjoy them as a snack or meal replacement packed with fiber and protein to help them keep going for hours.

I just purchased a Rise Bar. How long is the shelf-life?

Because we use premium whole-food ingredients in our bars and no preservatives, our bars expire exactly one year after they are manufactured. Please check the Best By date on the back of your bar for the exact date!

Why doesn’t my favorite store carry your bars?

We are working to make our bars easily available to everyone, so please feel free to ask for the grocery buyer at your favorite store and request us. It also helps to fill out a comment card if available, and you can always send us your store’s information through our online submission form here. Our bars are also available through our online store at risebar.com as well as amazon.com, drugstore.com and numerous other websites.

I’m a retailer and I want to carry your bars. How do I order?

We would love to connect you with our sales team so you can start carrying our bars! Please send us your information via email to wholesale@ risebar.com, and someone from our team will reply promptly.

Do you offer any nut-free bars?

All of our bars are peanut-free, and our Crunchy Perfect Pumpkin Breakfast Bar and Sunflower cinnamon bars are nut free. However, all of our bars are produced in a facility that processes tree nuts and dairy so we cannot guarantee them as being nut-free.