Conversation with High Riser Sally Kazemi

Sally Rise BarWe at Rise Bar pride ourselves on showcasing a diversity of passions and active lifestyles here on our blog. Our next high riser does just that. Meet Sally Kazemi, a model and beauty pageant star with a focus on fitness. She entered her first pageant just recently, and with her dedication, ended up qualifying for Miss America. Sally has a few other goals on her mind as well – she’s looking forward to finishing up her degree in business administration from San Diego State University and then getting into real estate, all while on summer vacation!

Sally moved to the States from Iran thirteen years ago with her family, settling onto the coast in San Diego. “My family has always been motivating and supportive,” she said, adding that “being that we are Persian, our families have very high expectations.” In fact, Sally’s mother was the one who encouraged her to sign up for her first pageant. With support from her family, she realized the pageant ended up working in her favor. “I like what the pageants look for in their competitors,” she stated.

In order to stay motivated and in shape, Sally loves “traveling, hiking, doing yoga, and like any other woman in the world, I love, love, love shopping!” she admitted. Staying active and healthy is a key part of Sally’s regimen. After all, she needs the energy for brain power at school with her multitude of goals as well as for fitness training. These goals are what motivate her to rise every day – “my goals and dreams” are what keep her in the zone in order to continue getting to the next level. There’s never a dull moment for this competitor – Sally wants to “stay happy, healthy, and busy always.”

Sally’s most recent achievement includes not one, but two first place trophies in her first ever event at the National Physique Committee’s Bikini competition. She described her experience as a worthwhile challenge. “I went into it training hard, changing my diet, and signed up without thinking I would ever win and I ended up walking away in the end with great results and being able to prove those wrong who told me I would never make it when I started this journey.”

Sally Rise Bar Sally finds her rise-spiration on a daily basis by reading different quotes – and she had a few wise words for us at Rise Bar as well. “Don’t let anyone ever stop you from making your dreams come true, be strong, focus, and you can do anything you set your mind on. It CAN be done no matter what the obstacles on the way to the top might be,” she shared.

We’re always excited to learn how our often-busy high risers keep healthy, and Sally is no exception. When this active athlete is busy working on her goals, she looks to Rise Bars for clean eating on the go. “When I work a 12 hour shift and have no time to get or prep any meals, Rise Bars are the way to go, easy and healthy and I don’t feel so Hangry (AKA Hungry & Angry) anymore,” she told us.

You can reach Sally on Facebook and Instagram @SallyKazemi.