Our Ingredients

Everyone Deserves an Informed Choice

Here at Rise Bar, we hold our bars to the highest standards of quality and nutrition down to every single ingredient. We are proud to announce our work with the Non- GMO Project, a leading North American independent Non-GMO verification program. Follow our journey as your favorite bars and flavors become Non-GMO verified. Check out our products page for updates as we make progress with the Non-GMO Project!

All bars are certified Gluten Free by Natural Food Certifiers.

Our goal at Rise Bar is to offer the best natural bar on the market. We aim to be transparent as possible with what we put in our products. Our bars are created in our own 100% gluten free facility to eliminate any chance of contamination between our products. Every one of our bars is gluten free certified by the Natural Food Certifiers who hold us to their standards for every stage of production.

The NFC exclusively certifies the natural, and organic products industry providing clear labels so that consumers can choose the food that is right for them.

All bars are Kosher certified by Natural Food Certifiers.

The Natural Food Certifiers (NFC) was founded in 1997 based on the principle that kosher foods should be good for both the soul and body. The Apple Kosher Certification Program only applies foods that are organic and non-GMO.  Follow our journey as we keep adding more NFC verified bars. All Rise Bars have been Kosher certified by the NFC and have met all of their rigorous standards.

You can view our Kosher Certification HERE

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