5 Reasons To Add Carbohydrates In Your Diet This Summer

Jun 30, 2015Brian McFadden
Beach Summer Dinner Party Celebration Concept     As the weather heats up, cutting out carbs from your diet is a common approach. You might drop a few pounds, but this strategy make backfire. Eliminating carbs from your diet will cause a drop in weight, but a lot of it will be water, not fat. This is because carbohydrates hold 3 to 4 grams of water for every gram glycogen stored. Secondly, you're a lot more active in the summer: Hiking, swimming, surfing, running and climbing are all part of the seasons activities.  As your energy expenditure rises, your body needs more carbohydrates for energy. Instead of depriving yourself and cutting back on your carbs intake, here a 5 reasons why you should add them into your diet this summer:   1. They provide energy Skimping on the carbs drops your glycogen levels, which means less energy. Carbs are a critical fuel source because you can more efficiently create energy per unit of oxygen from carbohydrate than from any other fuel. One liter of oxygen can yield approximately 5 calories from carbohydrate but only 4.7 from calories from fat. Carbs are the main fuel source for glycosis. Glycosis is the process which a high volume of ATP can be produced through rapid breakdown of glyogen to glucose. This process can produce more energy for muscular work in a larger quantity and at a faster rate than the oxidation of fat can produce it. For high intensity training, the glycolytic energy system fuels high performance. The increased energy efficiency of carbs explains the muscular fatigue that quickly sets in during high intensity training when glycogen (storage form of carbohydrates) are low or nearly depleted.   2. Stabilize metabolism and thyroid function  While there are some people who do well on a very low carb diet, there are also many who crash and burn on the same approach. Hypothyroidism is one of the most common reasons to add in more quality carbs into your diet. Carbs affect thyroid function because the hormone insulin is needed for the conversion of the inactive T4 hormone into the active T3 hormone. And since insulin levels are suppressed on a low carb diet, thyroid function slows.   3. Cortisol levels rise and testosterone dips Studies consistently show that people who exercise regularly need to eat enough carbs or their testosterone will fall while their cortisol levels rise. This is a sure-fire recipe for losing muscle and gaining fat.   4. Carbohydrates are not the enemy Carbs have gotten a bad rap over the years, largely due to the belief that they make you fat. That's partially true. But protein and even healthy fats can contribute to weight gain. The point is that over all energy intake (calories) is the determinant to weight management. Carbs are not the enemy. They provide fuel and support regulation of important hormones for peak performance and optimal body composition.   5. Deprivation sucks Cutting out carbs from your diet may cause a mild drop in weight. But eventually, the deprivation breaks you. We all have a limited reservoir of will and discipline. The more you resist carbs, the less willpower you have for more important tasks in your life which can make you anxious and tense. When you relentlessly resist pleasure, it sets you up for abnormal eating behavior. Avoid deprivation by choosing high quality, non-refined carbs that deliver energy, support digestion and aid in a healthy metabolism. The best sources of carbs come from whole grains like amaranth, quinoa, millet. Vegetables, fruits, and beans are also great options. If you're on the go and need a quick source of clean energy, we recommend snaking on blueberry coconut energy Rise Bar.    6. It's social  Food is social. Eating with friends and family should be a enjoyable experience. Not a time to count calories or break out your tupperware of food. There are a lot of summery meals that revolve around carbs like quinoa salads, fruit salads and potato salads. By adding in carbs into your diet this Summer, you can enjoy food with family and friends without having to resist temptation.

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