Everyone Deserves an Informed Choice

Here at Rise Bar, we hold our bars to the highest standards of quality and nutrition down to every single ingredient. Every Rise Bar is small batch crafted in our certified organic, kosher, peanut, gluten and soy free facility.  We also proudly support  the Non-GMO Project, a leading North American independent Non-GMO verification program.


NON GMO Project Verified

All of our bars are made simple with non-GMO ingredients. Lemon Cashew, Sunflower Cinnamon, Blueberry Coconut, Coconut Acai, Raspberry Pomegranate and Apricot Goji bars are all NON GMO Project Verified.

USDA Certified Organic

All Rise Energy Bars are Certified Organic: Blueberry Coconut, Coconut Acai, Raspberry Pomegranate and Apricot Goji

We use Organic ingredients in the Rise Protein and Breakfast bars whenever possible.

All bars are certified Gluten Free

Every Rise Bar is certified Gluten Free and made in our own 100% gluten free facility to eliminate any chance of contamination between our products.

Our certifier, Natural Food Certifiersexclusively certifies natural, and organic products providing clear labels so that consumers can choose the food that is right for them.

All bars are Kosher Certified

All Rise Bars are Kosher certified by Natural Foods Certifiers. The Apple Kosher Certification Program only applies to foods that are organic and non-GMO and meet all of their rigorous standards.