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Conversation with High Riser Aaron Gardner

Jul 30, 2014216digital Collaborator

Dedication, commitment, perseverance – these are just a few of the qualities we here at Rise Bar like to talk about with our High Risers. Our latest High Riser, Aaron Gardner, is no exception. As a former Marine, Aaron learned the meaning of commitment early on, whether it was commitment to his country or to his fitness as a CrossFit athlete.

Growing up in California and Maryland, Aaron had the chance to experience life on both coasts. He was also part of a big family – five sisters and one brother. “Being the middle boy in a large family of girls was great growing up,” he says. “I got to play pretty much every sport. I still to this day thank my parents for everything they did for us.” Though money was tight sometimes, he credits his parents with making sure he had everything he needed.

Aaron started training for CrossFit only three years ago as a way to maintain his fitness for mixed martial arts, such as Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. After a near-fatal accident that left him unable to participate in contact sports, however, he became discouraged. There was “a huge void in my life,” he said. But after some soul searching and low points, Aaron took up CrossFit again and everything fell into place – “CrossFit filled that void,” he told Rise Bar.

In addition to his fitness, Aaron dedicates himself to his family. He is married to his best friend Alyxandra, and together they recently opened Aurochs CrossFit. “I’m her partner so I really just try to be a positive influence and keep her focused on the success of her dream which is being a successful businesswoman and Affiliate Owner,” he told Rise Bar. He also has a six year old daughter and another daughter on the way. “I mean how freaking awesome is that?!” he gushed.

Aaron’s journey has also been one of self-knowledge and reflection. “I’m the kind of guy that learns the hard way; I’ve failed so much in CrossFit for all the wrong reasons and it wasn’t until I started dedicating my life to God and my family that I started to excel. I just want to make my family proud. I want to show them that Daddy always tries his hardest, never gives up, and regardless of the outcome he’s always smiling.”

Aaron is especially proud of his work with his current fitness coach. “I spent two years being very stagnant as far as my level of fitness so the moment I’m most proud of is the day I hired Bryan Boorstein,” he said. But he’s already looking forward to what the future has in store for him at Wodapalooza and the 2015 Southern California Regionals. “It’s been over a year and I’ve already surpassed multiple goals for my overall fitness.”

Aaron keeps his diet healthy with “lots of carbs and protein and a little fat.” His favorite post workout of the day meal is chicken and rice, along with chocolate milk and a Protein Rise Bar. He told Rise Bar about how he recently forgot his meals at home one day and ate 9 Rise Bars while working out. “I don’t suggest anyone consuming that many in one day but it definitely saved my day and helped me train,” he shared.

Aaron Gardner

You can reach Aaron Gardner at aarongardner@risebar.com.

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