Conversation with High Riser: Cameron Gardner

Conversation with High Riser: Cameron Gardner

Feb 12, 2014Adam Bitting

Cameron Gardner pictureWhen we think of our advocate athletes here at Rise Bar, we think of people that are adventure chasers, those that really live on the edge to inspire others. Cameron Gardner is no exception. He grew up in Whittier, CA where he was a swimmer and water polo player during his high school years, and also participated in the Junior Olympics for diving. Cameron feels most in his element while in the great outdoors, this lead him to start slacklining about 2 years ago. Not sure what that is? Visit his page for a visual. Think tightrope walking meets the Grand Canyon! He also has a knack for photography, which is an exquisite compliment to his slacklining adventures. He says, “I could have never imagined myself walking above canyons and off cliffs if you would have told that's how I'd be spending my days when I first started.” You can find Cameron slacklining, surfing, camping, or doing any outdoor activities, as well as shooting these moments with a camera most days.

While Rising in the Wild, his 4 favorite flavors to pack along for the ride are the Crunchy Cashew Almond Breakfast Bar, Blueberry Coconut Energy+ Bar, Crunchy Macadamia Pineapple Breakfast Bar, and the Almond Honey Protein+ Bar. Nothing motivates Cameron more than the feeling of knowing he gets to rise each day to see the sun again, and each new day is a step toward making his dreams a reality. When we asked him about what inspires him, Cameron told Rise Bar that the way he sees it, “inspiration is everywhere. From the pleasure of meeting new people, to the magnificent places I get to visit. Music is definitely super inspiring to me as well. I find the most inspiration when I'm not looking for it though. It sort of just happens, and I can't really explain it!”

Though photography has consumed his attention in recent years, Cameron claimed that he’s always had an interest in photography. His love for photography has been evolving since middle school—dating back to those disposable camera days, before you could delete and retake pictures that scream blackmail. Gaining perspective while traveling and sharing with others is what drives Cameron. He describes documenting his amazing journey as—full of magical moments for which he is thankful he is able to capture on film. Rise Bar asked where his destination of choice would be to shoot some photos, given the opportunity. He replied, “I would definitely want to visit a remote place. Rapa Nui, or somewhere way above Russia, or Canada.”

Besides traveling, Cameron hopes to connect with more people on a larger scale. Additionally, in the next year he hopes to pursue micro-adventures. He said, “It would be a lot of fun to get more people involved in trying something new.” We also asked him for any advice to those newly getting into photography. He responded, “First, figure out what you enjoy taking pictures of, then shoot, shoot, and shoot some more! The more time and practice I put into my work, the better my images become.” When you find something you love, keep rising!

On a day off, you might find Cameron at a local flea market, swap meet, or thrift store on the hunt for treasures. To keep up with his adventures, and to see more of his breath taking photography visit his website!

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