Carly Wilson


Jul 16, 2014216digital Collaborator
by Rini Sampath

Carly Wilson

Most people her age find themselves peeling back textbook pages and hauling backpacks to class this fall. But Carly Wilson has carved out a different path for herself. After completing two years of college education at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Wilson has taken a sabbatical in order to pursue her surfing career.

And understandably so, because Wilson is talented at her passion. Her accomplishments and awards range from winning the northwest NSSA division to taking first place at the Morro Bay competition.

“Competing in surf contests is unique in the sense that you are individually judged on each wave that you catch. So when I’m out there, rather than necessarily worrying about my competitors actions, I’m just focused on getting myself the highest scoring waves that I can,” she said.

Wilson launched her surfing endeavors at the age of 13 — quite impressive that even before learning how to drive, she knew how to navigate treacherous waters. She credits her athletic family — composed of her mother, father and younger brother — for encouraging her current lifestyle.

She describes feelings of anxiety and frustration that ensue while competing, but asserts making the best out of the situation is the real challenge.

Carly Wilson

“You can’t control the ocean,” she said. “It’s so addicting and adrenaline boosting, that I can’t explain. I just love the feeling of being in the ocean, whether it be in Hawaii or California.” Though she spends much of her time perfecting her sport, Wilson understands the beauty of moderation. She loves to keep up her other hobbies alongside her passion for surfing. She noted, “Being out in nature hiking, running, skateboarding, or golfing with my family and friends are some of my favorite pastimes. I am inspired to be the best surfer that I can be through my love for healthy cooking in the kitchen, and ending each day on my yoga mat.” Rise Bar is so enthused to fuel athletes like Wilson who are not only competing for themselves, but also for their community.

She said, “If I knew that I couldn’t fail, I would travel the world on the ASP surfing tour and use my contest winnings to help people in need educate people about health.”

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