by Rini Sampath
Hana Yoga Studio is the brainchild of California native, Eliza Darling. The spacious facility, just a few minutes from the stunning waves of Hamoa beach and the Waioka pool, attracts plenty of yoga enthusiasts. "Yoga is a daily reminder to live mindfully and with purpose. It teaches me to believe that anything really is possible," Darling said. "It requires me to slow down and listen, it asks me to put my best foot forward and to make the most of life." It’s evident that Darling possesses a passion for her craft that is unmatched; this is the reason Darling is Rise Bar’s latest High Riser. She said, "I practice yoga to center myself, to create balance, and to commit to a connection between by body, mind and breath. My students give me a greater purpose to further my yoga practice so that I can pass it on to them. Their seemingly rapid progression keeps me on my toes and requires me to always evolve, to live and let live." Besides yoga, Darling makes the most of her Hawaiian surroundings: She loves to explore the jungles, swim in the freshwater ponds and bask in the sun at the beach. And while engaging in these activities, she loves capturing the moments and posting them to Instagram. Her incredible photos have garnered an impressive online following of over 11K followers; her picturesque shots of yoga poses receive nearly 1000 likes per image. But the story behind her Instagram endeavor is quite the funny one. "This must sound ridiculous, but when I started posting to Instagram, I thought it was just an app to change the filter on my photos," Darling said. "Soon strangers began to "like" and comment on my pictures, and I realized there was an incredibly large and inspiring yoga community connected to each other though social media." Darling has an array of challenging yoga positions that she encourages her clients to try. Though they are difficult to master, Darling believes the persistence will pay off in the end. "Inversions are some of my favorite yoga asanas because you will fall if you are anywhere but in the present moment," she said. "You must focus on every muscle in your body, from your fingers to your toes, and activate your body entirely and trust your mind completely. Confidence is essential to getting and staying upside down." For just $90 a month, visitors can drop by for an unlimited number of sessions at Darling’s yoga studio. Or if they’re in the mood for a one-time pick-me-up, she offers sessions for just $10 each. Unsure if her studio is for you? Think about it this way — with a name like Eliza Darling, you know she’s bound to give you a great yoga experience. Find Darling on Instagram @yogalovingypsy or at her studio Eliza can be reached at