How To Get Into A Running Routine

Oct 02, 2018Rise Bar Team


Plan plan plan!

Planning out your week is one of the best ways to stick with a fitness routine. Look at what you have going on during the week and write it all down (in your phone or in a notebook/planner). Doctor’s appointments, dinner dates, meetings; jot it all down so you can be more productive during the week. Next, it’s time to pick your workout time. Sometimes people enjoy working out before the rest of their day has begun, while others like to come home and run out all the stress from the day. Pencil in what will make you feel the most motivated.

Have goals & follow them:

Running is one of the easiest ways to sweat and get outside (no equipment needed), but it’s also important that you find your pace. A running pace calculator gives you a better way to gauge how your endurance is improving while also preparing you for whatever running goals you have in mind (marathon, half marathon, 5k, etc.) Pacing yourself is the ultimate secret to becoming the best runner you can be. Our muscles need to be trained so they can work up to our full potential. 

Protect those feet:

Running would be near impossible without proper footwear to protect our feet. Find a pair of sneakers that have plenty of toe length and room for the natural swelling that occurs while we run. Look for about a thumbnail length of space between your longest toe and the end of your shoe. Make sure the shoe feels firm but flexes to the natural arch of your foot while keeping your heel in place. Being comfortable while running is essential - we don’t want our feet cramped and blistered from shoes rubbing the wrong way for an extended period of time.

Stay motivated!

Finding motivation can be hard after a long stressful day; the afternoon slump hits and we seem to lose all excitement we once had. It’s easy to fall back in bed for another half hour, but think of your goals and what you are trying to accomplish. Go to Pinterest, or any other online source that gives you motivation to get up and get out. Exercise is one of the biggest ways to relieve stress, so get ready to feel 100 times better after a nice sweaty run around the park. Another way to keep yourself inspired is to find a running/workout buddy. Maybe it’s a co-worker, family member, spouse, or someone you met on a run. Whoever it is, they’ll make you feel accountable for working out that day. Your mind needs to be in the right space to continue your progress on this fitness journey. 

Our team all agrees that the hardest part is getting started, so get out there and go for it! We would love to hear more about your routines and what you do to get started. Post in the comments below and let us know. Let’s rise together!

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