Going Gluten-Free

Going Gluten-Free

Jan 21, 2014Rise Bar

The Day Bagels Stopped Talking to Me

I don’t remember when exactly this happened or why this even started but I was addicted to cereal, English muffins, pasta, pizza and my favorite… BAGELS. When grains became the core of my diet, the more I ate, the more the cravings continued leaving me unsatisfied and lethargic. If this sounds like you, and you are looking to wake things up and go gluten free, read the tips below to get you started on your gluten-free journey! Read your way skinny. Research on the internet, reading books and watching documentaries on the way our food is made, where it comes from and what the heck a GMO is will reinforce your decision on a logical level. Looking at the journey food has made this past century will make you think twice about picking up that loaf of bread at the store.

Alternatives to grain exist! If you are in the mood for cookies or pancakes there are several alternatives to using flour. I’ve made both with almond flour before. Pinterest has a mecca of recipes that are delicious, I’ve tried a few! Mind over matter. Think of going gluten-free as adding to your life, not taking away. You have nothing if you don’t have your health first. Focus on adding clean eats to your diet like fresh fruits in the morning, hearty salads for lunch and grilled meat and veggies for dinner. Challenge your creative spirit with new recipes and wow your friends and family with tasty meals.

Eat colorfully. Get into rich beets, leafy dark greens, bright fruits and veggies to dress up salads and smoothies! More color means more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. You’ll find yourself not only craving less bread, but you’ll also notice the awesome side effect of healthier hair and skin. Drink lots of water. Many of us, (myself included) find ourselves snacking on gluten-laden snacks when we are bored or watching television. Replace those habits with sipping on water flavored with fresh mint or citrus to make it tastier paired with hydrating fruit like grapes. This is especially important in the winter when we often don’t prioritize our water consumption.

I used to hear, “Eat me!” when I saw bagels. Now I am stoked on a my diet with awesome new foods and meal plans that create less inflammation in my body and keep me on the rise with work, running, and thriving all around.

By Natalie Gattrell

Natalie Gattrell stretching outside

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