Top 5 Hiking Destinations in Orange County, CA

Top 5 Hiking Destinations in Orange County, CA

Jun 13, 2013Adam Bitting

 by Rini Sampath

The time has come to take advantage of the summer sun and clear O.C. skies. Check out these gorgeous hiking locations fit for the Indiana Jones in you. Tackle each and every spot or pick and choose your favorite in the upcoming weeks; regardless of your decision, don't forget to pack a few Rise Bars to fuel your adventure.

 5. Trabuco Canyon

Live Oak Canyon Rd

Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679

 At about 5 miles round trip, Trabuco Canyon’s hike boasts an abandoned gold mine and terrific sights of the surrounding mountains.

4. Top of the World

21601 Treetop Ln

Laguna Beach, CA 92651

 With sweeping views of the California coastline and breathtaking sights of the most lavish Laguna Beach residences, Top of the World offers a much-needed respite from the brouhaha of everyday life. Simply park in the residential area and meander past the hills to find this neat trail.

3. Peters Canyon Lake View Trail

8548 E Canyon View Ave

Orange, CA 92869

 This family-friendly hike is perfect for your dogs, tikes, and bikes. Slap on the sunscreen and don’t forget your hat for this trip, though — the sunshine can be merciless, even if the climb isn’t as difficult as the others.

2. Black Star Canyon Falls Trail

Black Star Canyon Rd

Orange, CA 92676

 Dubbed the most beautiful waterfall in Southern California by fitness enthusiasts and families, Black Star Canyon is a must-see.

1. Holy Jim Falls Trail

Live Oak Canyon Rd

Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679

 Imagine if the Trabuco Canyon hike had a better looking brother. He exists, and his name is Holy Jim. The Holy Jim Falls Trail is famous for treating its visitors to the sounds of wildlife and water; so stay on the lookout for the little creaturesat this location. Its steep inclines can get treacherous at times, but the trail offers the reward of a gorgeous waterfall in the end — so don’t give up!

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