Greatist Votes Almond Honey Rise Bar-“The Best Snack and Meal-Replacement Bar

Greatist Votes Almond Honey Rise Bar-“The Best Snack and Meal-Replacement Bar

Sep 12, 2014Adam Bitting

Greatist recently took the mass amount of bars to the critics to find the top 15 bars that are actually healthy. Rise Bar Almond Honey Protein+ takes the cake! They say, “Despite having just three ingredients, this bar is no slacker. It’s got a whopping 20 grams of protein to keep you trucking through a long workout, and the Almond-Honey combo has just the right amount of sweetness.”

Almond Honey Rise Bar

So when faced with the ever-growing granola bar selection, how do you pick a smart snack over a smartly marketed candy bar? They sought the expert knowledge of dietitian Jessica Garay Redmond for the project. Here’s what she had to say, “before you chow down:

  1. Keep sugar in check.
  2. Make fiber and protein your friends.
  3. Investigate the ingredients list.”

The review goes on to say that “look for ingredients you recognize… and a good rule of thumb is to hold the ingredient list to fewer than 10 items—but less is always more.” They couldn’t be more spot on with our Almond Honey Protein Bar with just three ingredients, almonds, honey and whey protein isolate. Matched with 20 grams of protein it can be the perfect hit for a post-workout recovery tool or a tasty way to wake things up for breakfast on the go! “They’ll keep you feeling fuller longer and ensure you don’t chow down on everything in sight later,” says Greatist.

Rise Bar shows granola in this picture Greatist admits, “granola bars are the Swiss Army knife of snacks: they’re small, portable, napkin-free eats that can tackle a variety of situations. But not all bars are created equal, and unfortunately these tasty bites can be loaded with more sugar than a Pumpkin Spice Latté and so low in fiber and protein that hunger will come knocking before you’ve even tossed the wrapper.” Thoughts to consider when faced with all the options out there.

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