Ashley Dvorin and the Protein+ Lemon Cashew

Ashley Dvorin and the Protein+ Lemon Cashew

Aug 19, 2014Adam Bitting

Lemon Cashew Protein+ is my favorite, I eat them as a mid-morning snack at my desk or before a evening workout to fuel up! I have such a sweet tooth and this one is perfectly sweet and satisfying while getting me the right nutrition and protein throughout the day. These are by far the best protein bars out there and I feel good knowing there are only 4 natural ingredients in these bars and no preservatives, additives or fake ingredients. I can't wait for Rise Bar to come out with the next flavor combo!

Rise Lemon Cashew Protein+ Bar, Ashley Dvorin shares her comments

Rise Bar’s new Lemon Cashew bar provides a tasty vegan option to our core Protein+ line, while still delivering 15g of protein in only four ingredients! We use a high quality pea protein coupled with the cashews themselves to deliver such a high protein content in this entirely plant-based bar. The cashews also help round out the amino acid profile in the bar, giving complete protein profiles without any animal products.

We sweeten the lemon cashew bar with delicious coconut nectar and flavor it with the tasty zing of lemon to give a delicious and unique flavor profile. As we mentioned, as well, this bar has only four ingredients – organic cashews, organic coconut nectar, pea protein, and organic lemon extract. Nothing in this bar has any gluten, soy, or peanuts. In fact, our entire facility is free of these allergens! These protein bars, being vegan, are also dairy free, of course, and certified Kosher and Non-GMO project certified.

Rise Bar’s Lemon Cashew is the perfect workout or meal replacement solution for those hoping to avoid these things, or simply avoid additives altogether. We never use anything artificial, and the bar is free of sugar alcohols, which can upset the stomach. Our bars also have no preservatives, ever. Most vegan bars have 10g of protein max, but with our simple, straightforward approach and formulations, we’ve been able to pack 15 grams of protein into each bar- and it’s not often you can find a vegan bar with this nutritional profile, for sure!

Rise Bar Protein+ Lemon Cashew is one of our newest flavors, but has quickly become a fan favorite, as well. The combination of citrus and savory nut is sure to become a favorite with you, too, and the nutritional profile can be appreciated by everyone.

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