Conversation with High Riser Ashley Dvorin

Conversation with High Riser Ashley Dvorin

Sep 02, 2014Adam Bitting

high-riser-ashley-dvorin-rise-barHaving lived in London, Rome, and Chicago, our next High Riser, CrossFit athlete Ashley Dvorin has certainly seen a lot of the world from different perspectives. Whether she’s traveling across the world or just on a weekend getaway, Ashley makes sure to try the local flavors, relax, and of course -- work on her fitness. Working out has always been a constant for Ashley. After a friend persistently recommended CrossFit, she decided to finally try it for a few months. “I became hooked on day one,” she told Rise Bar. Life as an athlete can involve a lot of hard work and self-reflection to reach and exceed those fitness goals. For Ashley, seeing the progress and results after the struggle makes it all worth it. As a coach, experiencing those achievements with others is a happy moment. “I share the same feelings of excitement and enjoyment as if it was me when I’m coaching and see others do something they’ve never done before!” she shared.

Besides working the people she coaches, Ashley also competes in CrossFit competitions every few months to keep her everyday training on point. It’s the collaboration that makes these competitions special – and just plain fun. “I have so much fun with partner and team competitions because you’re in it together and you’re supporting and depending on each other through every breath, every rep, and every movement.” The fun is definitely a motivating factor, and an effective one at that. Ashley’s proudest CrossFit moment came her first time making it to the podium after two and a half years of CrossFit. Competing with her coach, “we were just in it to have fun and I had no idea how our standings were until we finished our last WOD and a teammate told us the news!”

high-riser-ashley-dvorin-rise-bar Before competition, Ashley keeps it simple. She picks out a “lucky” competition outfit, has a good meal, and goes to bed early in order to prepare her for #gameday. Her advice for those looking to get into CrossFit is practical: “Stick with it for a few months, work on form and technique first, then weight and volume will come with time. Come early, stay late, don’t be intimidated, get to know your fellow athletes.” Don’t let your fitness become work – “Most importantly, have fun with it!” she added. Ashley’s inspiration comes from her two best girlfriends. For daily motivation, she looks to others in pursuit of athleticism. “I follow strong, confident women that are comfortable in their own skin on social media for my daily dose of awesome,” she said.

Ashley makes sure to keep her diet balanced during the week with healthy foods and the occasional indulgences like ice cream, cookies, or wine. For nutrition, she sticks with a (mostly) paleo diet that includes meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and Rise Bars. “I found a special connection to Rise Bar when I tried a sample and thought they were delicious and especially great that they are gluten-free and all-natural. My mom is gluten-free and she struggles with finding tasty treats. I sent her a bunch of Rise Bars and she loved them,” she shared.

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