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Paula F.Verified Customer

"I LOVE your bars!!!!!. Simple and safe ingredients"

Patricia M.Verified Customer

"Quick breakfast with an orange and coffee, always have one in my purse"

Paul J.Verified Customer

"I haven’t found a better combination of taste and healthy ingredients! Long time customer. Thank you."

Amy H.Verified Customer

"They provide me with needed protein and taste delicious!"

Rosalie N.Verified Customer

"Another fabulous choice to fight off the feeling of "I'm Huuuungry". :-)"

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes. All Rise Bar products are certified Kosher.

Q: Are the bars VEGAN?
A: Rise Bar offers 3 vegan bars - Sunflower Cinnamon, Lemon Cashew and Chocolatey Coconut. 

Q: Sometimes the bars have a DIFFERENT COLOR OR TASTE than the last one of the same flavor. Is this normal?
A: Due to our exclusive use of all natural ingredients, products may vary in color or taste simply due to the natural variations in our raw ingredients. Almonds, for example, may have slight variations in color and flavor depending on the growing conditions during the season. Honey is also impacted by the weather and flowers pollinated.

Though we strive for consistency of flavor, texture and quality in all of our products, being made of natural ingredients, our products can vary simply by the nature of how they come to us. We do our very best to work with our suppliers to make sure they provide us with the quality and flavors that are important to our bars. However, we also have to accept that the beauty of natural ingredients is that, unlike synthetics, the characteristics are simply affected by the natural environment from which they came.

Q. Are your products NON-GMO Project Verified?
A. All Rise Bars use Non-GMO ingredients. Our Plant-Based Protein bars are Non-GMO Project Verified.

Q: Where can I learn more about each bar’s NUTRITION FACTS?
A: For every bar on our website, we have included a Nutrition Facts graphic on each product page for your review.

Q: When will my products expire and where can I locate the EXPIRATION INFORMATION?
A: Your product expiration date is one year after the production date. The expiration (“Best By”) date is located on the back of the bar.

Q: Are the ALMONDS that Rise Bar uses sprayed with PPO (propylene oxide) in order to be pasteurized?
A: No! The almonds that we use are pasteurized via steam. Therefore, no harmful chemicals are introduced to our almonds.

Q: Are your bars RAW?
A: We lightly roast the nuts to boost their flavor and to break down enzyme inhibitors, which can make nuts more difficult to digest.

Q: Is your WHEY protein isolate derived from whey made with animal rennet?
A: Our whey protein isolate is derived from whey made with Kosher vegetable rennet, and is 100-percent vegetarian.

Q: Is your WHEY protein artificial hormone free?
A: Yes, our whey protein isolate is guaranteed by our supplier to have NO artificial hormones.

Q: Is your WHEY rBGH (rBST) (hormones) free?
A: Our Whey Protein is completely free of rBGH (rBST). We only source the highest quality ingredients for our bars.

Q: Does your WHEY come from Grass-fed cows?
A: Our supplier of whey protein isolate assures us and guarantees that the cow’s diets consist of “all-natural feeds, including alfalfa, oats, wheat and corn, most of which is grown on their own farms.” Additionally, the living conditions are spacious and humane, and the entire herd “regularly receive state of the art veterinarian care.” Essentially, they are very happy cows!

Q: What is PEA PROTEIN Isolate?
A: Pea protein isolate is a plant based, non-GMO, allergen friendly protein, free of dairy and soy.

A: We strive to source all our ingredients from their native source. For example, our Almonds are grown in California, our Fair Trade Cacao is from Peru, our Organic Coconut Nectar is from the Philippines and our Organic Cinnamon from Indonesia.

Q: Do you offer any NUT-FREE bars?
A: We do offer peanut-free bars! Our Sunflower Cinnamon bar is nut free!

Q: Are your bars SOY-free?
A: Yes. Our bars are completely soy-free.

Q: I’m allergic to CHOCOLATE. How many of your bars have chocolate in them?
A: None. We strictly use carob and/or cacao to provide the delicious taste of chocolate. To help describe the flavor, several bars use the term “Chocolatey” but none our bars uses chocolate.

Q: What does Rise Bar do to help prevent CROSS CONTAMINATION?
A: Rise Bar obsessively follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s), including daily deep cleaning before, between and after each run.

Q: Do any of your bars have EGG product?
A: No.

Q: Are Rise Bars GLUTEN-free?
A: Yes! All Rise Bar products are certified gluten free and produced in our dedicated gluten-free facility. In fact, independent testing shows our bars contain less than 5 parts per million of gluten, which is far below the minimum threshold (20 ppm) a product can contain to be considered gluten free.

Q: What kinds of ADDED SUGARS does RB use?
A: Honey and Coconut Nectar!

Q. The bars are sometimes OILY. Why is this?
A. Each bar starts with nuts which secrete oil when they are mixed with the other real food ingredients and formed into a bar. It’s the same process that happens with your favorite nut butter which develops a layer of oil on the top. Since we don’t use any preservatives or artificial ingredients, they can get oily – especially if they are exposed to high temperatures. We strive to keep the oil at a minimum and have developed a unique mixing process to do this. We recognize that just like our natural ingredients can vary, the level of oil in each batch varies too. Keeping them at room temperature will minimize this from occurring.

Q: What is being done about the OILY WRAPPERS?
A: We acknowledge and regret the inconvenience of the occasional leaky wrappers and the oil that seeps out as it can sometimes release from the natural nut butters that we use in our protein bars. Much research and development has been done over this past year and we are quite pleased with the outcome. We have learned from and improved our packaging processes, including better packaging material. Coincidentally these great results coincide with the new branding that we are introducing this summer (2017). We hope you will be pleased and impressed with the new and improved wrappers while still being able to enjoy the favorite flavors (and recipes) that we have all come to love.

Q: Why is the COLOR of some Almond Honey bars dark and some are light? Have you changed the recipe?
A: Being natural ingredients, our products can vary simply by the nature of how they come to us. The beauty of natural ingredients is that, unlike synthetics, the characteristics are simply affected by the natural environment from which they came.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your order. If you are unhappy for any reason, we will gladly accept your timely return of any unused or defective merchandise for a full refund of the original purchase price.

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