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15 Things to Do to Spread Kindness

Mar 23, 2021Rise Bar Team

Acts of kindness go a long way to better your mood and make others happy.

And in a society struggling to find happiness amid a global pandemic, political upheaval, and more bad news, we could all do a bit more to spread positivity.

So if you want to learn how to spread kindness, we’re sharing 15 easy ways you can bring more joy into the world starting today.

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15 Simple Things You Can Do to Spread Kindness Today

Doing just one or two of these acts of kindness each day can uplift your soul. They can also give your kids a good example of how to create a kinder, more caring community.

The best news? They don’t take that much time or effort. See for yourself:

1. Hold the Door Open for Someone and Let Them Go First

One of the easiest things you can do to spread kindness is to hold the door open for someone coming in behind you.

Instead of simply holding it, though, let them go ahead, so they can really feel that you’re keeping it open for them.

2. Let Someone Go Ahead of You in Line

Along that same line of thinking, let someone cut in front of you in line at the grocery store, coffee shop, pharmacy, etc.

If the other person has fewer items in their cart than you do, they’ll appreciate not having to wait, and you’ll feel joy inside about your act of kindness.

3. Pay for a Stranger’s Order

This act of kindness has become popular recently, and for good reason.

By paying for someone else’s order, you’ll surprise them in a good way and make their day. They’ll also be more likely to pass along the good cheer, which spreads kindness like wildfire.

4. Check-In On a Friend or Family Member Each Day

Make it a point to meaningfully touch base with at least one family member, friend, or neighbor each day to see how they’re doing.

While seemingly small, this simple act of kindness shows them that you’re thinking of them, and it can easily brighten up even the crummiest day.

Bonus points if you let them vent about something weighing on their mind and make them feel heard and understood.

5. Adopt a “Yes” Mentality Anytime Someone Asks for a Donation

Anytime someone asks if you’d like to donate to a special cause, you should always say yes, even if it’s just a dollar.

Chances are, you can afford to give at least one dollar, and if you can give more, even better! You’ll feel good knowing the money will go towards something positive for someone else.

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6. Volunteer Your Time

Giving back to those in need through volunteering is a fantastic way to spread positivity and strengthen your community.

So consider volunteering your time at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, nursing home, animal shelter, or community center in your area. You’ll never regret this time spent helping those who need it most (and neither will they!).

7. Give Someone a Compliment (Online or In-Person)

Everyone appreciates a genuine compliment. You can highlight a funny comment, what someone’s wearing, how great their hair looks, an impressive achievement, or let them know what a great job they’re doing.

No matter what you compliment them on, chances are they’ll respond with a delighted smile and many thanks for your act of kindness.

8. Clean Up a Local Park or Beach

If you don’t have money to give to special causes, you can always donate your time by helping to clean up your community.

Gather up some friends and make it a social event, and you’ll have fun doing a good deed in your spare time while leaving a lasting impact. The environment will thank you!

9. Make Something Special for Frontline Workers

You can drop off sweet treats like cookies and brownies, homemade masks, fruits and veggies from your garden, or even flowers to show your appreciation for nurses, doctors, police officers, firefighters, and more.

These simple acts of kindness will go a long way, especially now when frontline workers are pushing overtime due to the pandemic.

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10. Thank a Frontline Worker for their Tireless Dedication

Don’t have money to bake cookies or send flowers? Sending a simple thank you is an easy (and affordable) way to show your support.

You can say “thank you” in person anytime you see a frontline worker in uniform or spend a few extra minutes writing and sending homemade thank you cards. Grab your kids and the glitter pens to make them extra cute.

Either act of kindness will be much appreciated.

11. Paint Positivity Rocks

For another family-friendly activity to spread kindness, try painting rocks with positive sayings and space them throughout your neighborhood or local parks.

Anyone who finds these rocks will feel like they’ve stumbled on a hidden treasure, and your positive message will linger for days (or weeks). It may even inspire others to write and leave their own.

12. Offer to Buy (or Make) and Deliver Lunch or Dinner

Know a few busy or overwhelmed people in your life or community? You could send them a surprise lunch at work or a warm meal around dinnertime.

They’ll appreciate the break, and you’ll have feel-good emotions in return.

13. Help a Neighbor with Their Yard, Pet, or Chores

You can shovel snow, rake leaves, mow, or help a neighbor plant flowers. Or your kids could wash your neighbor’s car, give their dog a bath, or help carry in groceries when it’s raining.

No matter what you choose to do, your neighbor will definitely appreciate the help.

14. Support a Local Business Over a Big-Box Store

It takes a lot to open and run a small business, especially during COVID lockdowns. So this small act of kindness will help keep small businesses around and your community employed.

Plus, the store owners will appreciate your purchase much more than a major corporation would. And you can donate whatever you buy to spread even more kindness.

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15. Offer to Babysit or Petsit

Know a busy parent who needs a break? Offer to babysit (or petsit!), so they can go out for dinner or a day of much-needed pampering.

You’ll help alleviate stress, brighten someone’s day, and, hopefully, inspire them to pass on the act and help someone else.

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Final Thoughts on Things to Do to Spread Kindness

If you’ve made it to this point in our guide, you now know how to spread kindness in 15 easy ways.

Pick out one or two of these acts of kindness to tackle this week, then choose another two for next week, and keep adding or rotating options as the month goes on.

You can even make some of these items daily habits for you and your kids to share. They’ll become ingrained in your lifestyle, which will help spread positivity and kindness for years to come.

These acts of kindness will be appreciated and totally make someone else’s day (and yours!), which makes them worth doing often.

So what are your favorite ways to spread positivity? :)

Author: Devan Ciccarelli 
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