7 Spooky Healthy Halloween Treats to Try This Year

7 Spooky Healthy Halloween Treats to Try This Year


Think spooky, healthy Halloween treats are just a trick?

If you’re secretly dreading Halloween because you’re worried about being around all that sugar, you’re in luck.

You may not be able to keep the kids (or yourself!) from trick-or-treating. But you can help everyone say no to all the extra cookies, cupcakes, and unhealthy options with the recipes in this guide.

It’s no trick; these spooky, healthy Halloween treats are both irresistible and good for you. Keep reading, if you dare…

The Top 7 Spooky Healthy Halloween Treats to Try This Year

These healthy Halloween treats capture all the eerie vibes of Spooky Season without the scary sugar crash (or high-carb hangover).

Keep them on hand, and you’ll strike the perfect balance between indulging in your favorite candy and sticking to your health and fitness goals this Spooktober.

1. Pumpkin Truffles

With a creamy pumpkin-filled center and a decadent dark chocolate-coated outside, you’ll find it hard to believe these pumpkin truffles are low-carb and sugar-free. They’re a scary good healthy Halloween treat no one will expect!

Try them today, and you’ll have no trouble passing on the mountains of unhealthy candy you’ll be surrounded by during this time.

2. Peanut Butter Chocolate Pumpkins

Love a good peanut butter chocolate combination over pumpkin for your festive Halloween treats?

If so, these peanut butter chocolate pumpkins will become your go-to. 

You’ll capture all the flavor of that famous peanut butter cup without sabotaging your health goals or suffering from a sugar crash. 

The recipe is sugar-free, low-carb, and only calls for six simple ingredients. And that’s way better than all the preservatives listed on your standard PB cup.

But the best news? The recipe takes just 30 minutes to make! 

3. Chocolate Halloween Cookies 

You don’t have to avoid all Halloween cookies if you’re trying to stay healthy during the spooktacular holiday. You just have to choose the right ones.

These sugar-free chocolate Halloween cookies are made with coconut and almond flour, giving you lots of filling healthy fats, a bit of protein, and some fiber (without the carb overload you’d typically find in cookies).

You’ll be left feeling satisfied sooner instead of ravenous for more after eating one of these healthier options. 

Plus, you can break out your special Halloween cookie cutters to make them into fun ghost, bat, and pumpkin shapes.

4. Spooky Good Mummy Cookies 

For a more fall-flavored treat, whip up a batch of these spooky good mummy cookies. They’re pumpkin spiced and capture all the delicious autumn flavors you may be craving as the weather gets cooler.

You’ll make these with that same ultra-filling almond and coconut flour base as the chocolate Halloween cookies just mentioned. And you can easily swap out the cane sugar for a sugar-free alternative, so they’re a healthier choice no matter what your dietary preferences are.

5. Scary Apple Bites

Who knew fruit could look so spooky and so good at the same time?

That’s exactly what you get with these scary apple bites.

All you need for this healthy recipe is apples (obvi), sunflower butter, sunflower seeds (for the teeth), and strawberries. 

Kids and adults will be excited to munch on these bites when they need a break from candy and mountains of sugar. And since they’re nut-free, they’re ideal for school celebrations and spooktacular bake sales too.

6. Banana Ghost Pops 

For a cold and yummy healthy Halloween treat, give these banana ghost pops a try.

They’re made from bananas dipped in yogurt and covered in shredded coconut (yum!). So not only are they adorable, they’re also delicious and super easy to make!

7. Dessert Flavored Protein Bars

In between all the tasty treats we just shared and the Halloween candy that may eventually creep into your diet, you’ll probably need a break to reset.

Rather than going cold turkey or missing out on the holiday fun, reach for a satisfying protein bar that tastes more like a filling dessert or special treat.

Protein bars are the perfect slightly sweet snack to eat any time of the day or take on the go. The protein and other nutritious ingredients help satisfy your hunger, not just your cravings.

And how could you say no to decadent flavors like Snicker Doodle, lemon cashew, chocolate almond, or chocolate coconut?

These protein bars are the best way to savor healthy Halloween treats and stay strong against the constant barrage of candy, cookies, and chocolate.

Final Thoughts on These Spooky Healthy Halloween Treats

Now do you believe spooky healthy Halloween treats aren’t a trick?

These seven recipes all help you enjoy Spooktober without going completely off the rails. And you won’t have to deal with sugar crashes, meltdowns, or cravings for more sugar later.

Make any of today’s options, and you’ll be able to indulge in all the flavors of Spooky Season without derailing your clean eating and fitness goals.

So finish the year strong, and have a Happy (and healthy!) Halloween!

P.S. These healthy treats work all season long (who needs Halloween as an excuse to enjoy a tasty snack?). So be sure to bookmark this page and save these recipes for later. Or share them with a friend for a spooky treat swap!


Author: Devan Ciccarelli 

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