4 Delicious Mashed Potato Alternatives That’ll Quickly Become Your New Go-To’s

4 Delicious Mashed Potato Alternatives That’ll Quickly Become Your New Go-To’s


We all know mashed potatoes aren’t the healthiest food on the planet.

But you don’t have to miss out on the smooth creaminess and yummy flavor of traditional mashed potatoes just because you’re trying to eat healthier.

With the help of these four ah-mazing mashed potato alternatives, you can enjoy the same great taste you’re craving in a better-for-you version.

4 Delicious Mashed Potato Alternatives to Help You Switch Things Up Without Missing Out

Whether you’re following a keto or low carb diet, or just want something different, these four mashed potato alternatives deliver on taste and texture. 

They’re also just as easy to prepare, so you don’t need any special equipment to whip up a small or large batch. Plus, some of these alternatives take even less time to cook than that popular root veggie.

Add these sides to your table, and no one will ever miss boring, stodgy ol’ potatoes:

1. Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

For a low-carb alternative, cauliflower mashed potatoes are the way to go.

First, mashed cauliflower has the same velvety texture as mashed potatoes.

And similar to a traditional mashed potato recipe, this cauliflower alternative uses just five simple ingredients you probably already have on hand. 

But here’s the best news:  You don’t have to peel cauliflower like you would potatoes. Cauliflower also takes less time to cook.

So all those perks make mashed cauliflower an easy go-to for weeknight dinners and festive holiday gatherings alike. 

2. Parsnip Puree

You may be surprised to learn that parsnips make a fantastic mashed potato alternative.

While technically not low-carb, they are lower in carbs compared to potatoes.

And since they’re a root vegetable, you’ll get some of that starchiness you’d typically find in mashed potatoes to help satisfy your craving. 

No one will ever know you cut a few carbs when they taste that same familiar flavor and texture, especially if you use this creamy parsnip puree recipe. It’s so close to the “real” thing, even die-hard mashed potato fans will be on board.

3. Mashed Butternut Squash

Mashing up butternut squash can also help you swap out heavy mashed potatoes for something lighter and brighter.

With a can’t-miss orange color (perfect for holiday tables!), butternut squash is closer to a sweet potato alternative than a traditional potato. 

And just like parsnips, b-nut is slightly lower in carbs, which may reduce the chances of a blood sugar spike after eating them.

Try this mashed butternut squash recipe if you’re ready to give it a try. However, you may want to omit the maple syrup sweetener in that recipe if you’re trying to keep your blood sugar and carb count low and in check.

4. Purple Sweet Potato Mash

The last mashed potato alternative we love is purple sweet potatoes.

Like butternut squash, purple sweet potatoes also boast an incredibly deep, rich color. In this case, the purple comes from all the anthocyanins, which provide beneficial antioxidant properties.

While they’re not technically low-carb, purple sweet potatoes are low on the glycemic index. The GI is a rating that determines how much a food will spike your blood sugar levels. Foods lower on the GI affect your blood sugar less than those high on the list.

Purple sweet potatoes are also packed with fiber, potassium, and vitamin C. 

So they’re a perfect, fun way to change up traditional mashed potatoes (thanks to the bright purple hue) and pump up the health benefits at the same time.

Enjoy These 4 Mashed Potato Alternatives Today

Whether you’re looking to avoid potatoes or you just want to try something different, these four mashed potato alternatives will help you accomplish both goals.

They’re healthy and delicious in their own ways, which means you can try each one and rotate your favorites to keep things interesting every week.

While cauliflower and parsnips lean toward the savory side, butternut squash and purple sweet potatoes will be on the sweeter end. So keep that in mind as you choose which recipes to try first or make for a crowd.

Either way, now you can confidently pass on traditional potatoes without feeling like you’re missing out. It’s a culinary and healthy-eating win-win!


Save this article for those times when a mashed potato craving strikes, but you don’t want to derail your clean eating or fitness goals. Share it with your family and friends for healthier potluck ideas too!


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