8 Nutty Facts about Nuts

Oct 22, 2014Booster Apps
Happy National Nut Day! The Rise Bar crew is nuts about nutrition, and well, nuts! Many of the bars we hand-make in our own facility are packed with nuts! We don’t stop there. We take our nutty bars on the go with us for adventures like, bungee jumping, running with the bulls in Spain, running 200 mile relay races, stand up paddling and surf trips. Sorry peanut butter lovers. We are not celebrating peanuts since they are not actually a nut… an interesting little fact. They are considered a legume and since they are one of the most common allergens in the United States we don’t allow them to cross through our doors at Rise Bar into our peanut free facility. Same goes for gluten, soy, preservatives and GMOs! Some more facts about nuts:
  1. The center of seeds, like pumpkins and squash, is called a "nut".
  2. Cashews are never found with their shell on like other nuts because cashews are actually in the same family as poison ivy and their itchy oils are found inside of the nut shell.
  3. Pistachio is actually a fruit!
  4. Only walnuts out of the nut family have omega-3 fatty acids.
  5. Peanuts are not nuts at all.
  6. Almonds are the lowest calorie nut and some say the healthiest.
  7. Macadamia nuts are toxic to dogs.
  8. Brazil nuts grow on the largest tree in the Amazon forest and can live from 500 to 1000 years.
So how will you celebrate National Nut Day?

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