A Guide to 7 Different Yoga Types

A Guide to 7 Different Yoga Types

Jan 02, 2020Rise Bar Team

Yoga is one of our favorite workouts to help improve not only our flexibility and strength, but focus on improving our mind body connection. We've taken the most popular types of yoga that you will find at your local yoga studio in this guide to yoga. We'll break down the most popular styles, degree of difficulty each yoga style, and key benefits of each style. Whether you're a beginner in yoga or just want to learn more about different styles, there's something for each of us. 


Hatha is one of the more restorative types of yoga. It's great for beginnings because each move is held for a longer period of time with a slower pace of movement. 


Vinyasa is a bit quicker than the traditional Hatha, but not too quick that a beginning in yoga couldn't take the class. Each pose is help for a few seconds but there is a continuous movement that is expected in each Vinyasa class. Because of the speed, this class is great for someone who also enjoys a HITT style worker or a slightly faster pace than some of the slower options.


Yin Yoga is great to help restore and balance your mind and body connection. Moves are held for longer, usually several minutes at a time, and it can be a great tool to help with relaxation. 


Bikrham Yoga is a name you've probably heard before as it continues to gain popularity. The room is heated to a higher degree than other more slow paced, traditional types, and the routines are created from a set of 26 set moves. It's great for those who like routine and knowing what they are doing, but also a higher heart rate yoga work out.

Hot Yoga

Although similar to Bikrham yoga, the key difference between the two is the amount of moves that are in each class. While Bikrham routines stick to a combination of 26 set moves, Hot Yoga can use a wider range of moves. It has a similar atmosphere or Bikrham with a heated room, but is not as structured in the types of yoga moves in each class. 


Ashtanga is great for those who like strict routine in their yoga practice. This practice uses the same sequences of yoga moves in each class. This is great for those who like to know what they are doing in each class they attend, but still want a relaxed and more traditional yoga speed. 


Restorative yoga is a great option for yogis who like a slower paced yoga. The goal is to really increase flexibility, and create a deeper relaxation. This type of yoga would be great for an athlete who wants a recovery day, or to help relax and create that deepen mind body connection. 

Although here are many different types of yoga practices the key is finding the one that you need that day. Whether you are looking for a higher intensity yoga class like Hot Yoga, or to stretch and increase your flexibility in a Restorative Yoga class, you can always count on a great work out 

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