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Conversation with High Riser: Dylan Gordon

Dec 03, 2013216digital Collaborator

by Rini Sampath

Dylan Gordon is a journalist. But he doesn’t need a reporter’s pen or notebooks to express his thoughts. He’s got a different tool to capture the world.

Gordon is a photographer. He is a visual journalist — one who upholds the age-old cliché, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” He finds ways in which to paint the world in a new hue with every click, with every print and every frame. “The greatest thing about photography for me is that it allows me to continue to stay invested in all of my passions while involving another element that I am also passionate about,” Gordon said.

Gordon enjoys photographing surfers, climbers, adventurers and explorers. He’s a connoisseur of all things exciting in the world. He described his love for surf photography, explaining that though surfing is not a highly-sought after career, it is a rewarding one. “I feel there is a lot of value behind telling the stories of these incredible people that choose to devote their lives to this sport and lifestyle,” Gordon said. “Its not as glorious of sport as it seems, but there lot of struggle, guts, passion and strength. I want to tell their stories and share their experiences.”

Though Gordon enjoys telling the stories of others, his own story is one worth hearing. He grew up on the central coast of California, spending most of his days competing in skateboarding events and working on his family’s ranch. But Gordon faced his greatest challenge in life when his father passed away in 2010. “It truly turned my motives around and his life taught me to utilize every opportunity to its furthest extent,” Gordon said. Today, Gordon surrounds himself with supportive friends and family. “I am extremely fortunate to be able to call a lot of incredibly talented and motivated people my friends. They are constantly inspiring me to push myself,” Gordon said.

Rise Bar is excited to keep creative minds like Dylan Gordon focused. With delicious flavors like Pineapple Macadamia Nut, it’s hard to go hungry in between exhausting shoots. “It’s perfect for any time of the day or weather. Its also nice and light, so you don't get that bogged down feeling after you eat one,” Gordon said. “You get just enough substance from one that it gets you back on your feet and ties you over till you eat the next one somewhere down the trail.” As Gordon continues to chase his dreams by capturing the moments where others fulfill their goals, we encourage others to live by his life motto: Live the life you love, love the life you live.

Keep on Rising.

Check out Dylan's website at DylanGordon.com

Dylan Gordon

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