Sunflower Power: 4 Health Benefits of Sunflower Butter

Sunflower Power: 4 Health Benefits of Sunflower Butter


Sunflower butter is finally stepping out of the shadow of its nutty counterparts and basking in the spotlight of its own nutritional glory. 

From a punch of plant-based protein and antioxidants to healthy fats, let’s chat about why this creamy, delicious spread deserves a starring role in your healthy-eating adventure.

Small Seeds, Mighty Perks: 4 Health Benefits of Sunflower Butter 

Sunflower butter, also known as sunflower seed butter, is made from ground sunflower seeds, which may or may not be roasted first. A spoonful offers sun-sational health benefits such as:

1. It’s an Allergy-Friendly Nut Butter Alternative 

Gluten-free sunflower butter is a nut-free alternative for peanut- and tree-nut-wary eaters. You’ll score all the same creamy, nutty-tasting satisfaction of peanut butter and other nut butters, with a unique flavor that’s slightly milder and sweeter.

This school lunch-approved nutritional powerhouse is just waiting to be unleashed on your taste buds. High five for inclusivity!

Sunflower Seeds, sunflower butter

2. It’s One of the Top Sources of Vitamin E

Did you know 90% of Americans don’t meet their vitamin E goals?[*

Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that fights inflammation, protects your body from cell-damaging free radicals, and prevents oxidative stress that contributes to aging. It’s also one of the most effective nutrients for strengthening your immune system and reducing your risk of infections. [*]

Just two tablespoons of sunflower butter packs nearly 40% of your recommended daily intake![*

3. It’s Loaded with Healthy Fats

Sunflower butter is brimming with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Science says these fats may help lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, improve total cholesterol profiles, and support overall heart health.[*]

Plus, when those healthy fats combine with sunflower butter’s protein (6g per serving!), you’ll feel satiated and give sugar cravings the cold shoulder. A spoonful could be a key ally in your weight loss or maintenance goals.

4. It’s an Excellent Whole-Food Source of Magnesium

Feeling stressed? Muscle twitches or cramps? Sleepless?

Low magnesium levels may be the culprit. This essential mineral and electrolyte is like a cheerleader for your muscles and nerves, promoting relaxation, healthy sleep, and even good digestion.

According to the sunflower butter nutrition facts, one serving (2 tablespoons) covers nearly 25% of your daily magnesium needs!  

So now that you know why sunflower butter deserves a place in your healthy eating plan, let’s talk about:

How To Embrace the Sunflower Side of Life


Sunflower butter makes clean eating easy. Here are a few ways to spread some sunflower seed sunshine into your routine:

  • Toast with a twist. Toast up your favorite bread, add sunflower seed butter, and get creative with the toppings. Think: blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries for fun and fiber, chia seeds or hemp seeds for a crunchy burst of vegetarian-friendly protein, and a drizzle of honey or coconut nectar (for vegans) to add a bit of sweetness.
  • Go stir crazy. Add a spoonful to your oatmeal, swirl it into yogurt, blend into smoothies, or bake it into muffins for a nutty yet nut-free version of your favorite treats. 
  • Delightful dips. Bananas, apple slices, celery sticks, and more all crave a sunflower dunk and make wonderful healthy snacks.
  • Swap it in for savory recipes. Sunflower butter makes an ideal replacement in recipes calling for nut butter — use it in satay sauce, stir-fries, soups, cold noodle bowls, salad dressing, and more. 

  • 🌻 Want a grab-and-go sunflower butter treat? We make our nut-free, Vegan Sunflower Cinnamon Protein Bars with just 5 natural food ingredients: sunflower butter, cinnamon, coconut nectar, a hint of vanilla, and 15g of hunger-satisfying pea protein!

    Move Over, Nut Butter: Sunflower Butter is Here To Slay!

    Sunflower butter makes a simple yet stellar addition to every health and wellness journey. It’s the perfect blend of healthy fats for sustained energy, vitamin E for enhanced immunity, and magnesium to help you thrive. 

    We like to keep our food just as nature intended. Made with just 4 or 5 whole-food, minimally-processed ingredients and up to 20 grams of protein, Rise Bar is the simplest protein bar on the planet. We believe better nutrition fuels better health, and sunflower seed butter helps power your well-being from within.

    Fun fact: Sunflower seeds have been enjoyed for over 5,000 years! Native American tribes used them as food and medicine, and even made sunflower seed jewelry.


    Author: Devan Ciccarelli 

    Instagram/Facebook Group: @behappynothangry/Be Happy Not Hangry

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