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5 Benefits of Plant-Based Protein

Oct 01, 2019216digital Collaborator
Protein Powder
Protein. The essential building blocks of our body. From whey protein, hemp protein, pea protein and so many more, it can be confusing to choose which protein powder to incorporate into our daily routine. 

What is plant based protein?

To start, plant protein is typically derived from a variety of plants that are processed and packaged into a fine powder. Popular sources include peas, hemp, nuts, legumes, or even chia seeds! Although they are only plants, don't be fooled. These plants pack a lot of health benefits!

Plant Based Protein
What are the 5 benefits of plant-based protein?

1. Lower in calories: Plant based protein is typically lower in calories than most traditional whey based proteins. It's the recommended type of protein if your goal is weight loss versus bulking up from working out. 

2. Better for the environment: Creating a plant-based protein powder requires a lot less water and land than other proteins. It also produces less greenhouse gas emissions than typical animal proteins which is overall better for the environment.

3. Higher in fiber: Most plant based proteins are higher in fiber, which can help you feel more full for longer.

4. Higher in vitamins and antioxidants: You know how the doctor says we need 5-13 servings of vegetables a day? That's because they're loaded with healthy vitamins and antioxidants to help fuel our body. Many of these can also be found in plant protein. 
5. Lactose Free:  Unlike Whey-protein, which is dairy based, plant protein is free of lactose making it favorable with most diets and allergies. 
At the end of the day, getting more protein in your diet is key, but there are lots of advantages to having plant-based protein incorporated into your diet. To help with that, feel free to try out any of our plant-based protein bars, like Chocolatey Coconut or any of our plant based protein recipes for a creative way to increase your protein throughout the day.

Risebar with Chocolate and Coconut



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