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Rise Bar Advocates

Tips from Advocate Brian McFadden
Sep 18, 2014
We may have this whole thing backwards. The average American eats "nutrient poor, calorie rich"...
Eveline Van Brande
Sep 16, 2014
Traveling the world can be an exciting array of different sights and cultures, but there’s...
Simply Swell
Sep 15, 2014
Troy Mothershead - Simply Swell from Rise Bar on Vimeo.
Josh Mulcoy
Sep 04, 2014
Here at Rise Bar, we’ve done a lot of profiles on individuals, but taking some...
Conversation with High Riser Ashley Dvorin
Sep 02, 2014
Having lived in London, Rome, and Chicago, our next High Riser, CrossFit athlete Ashley Dvorin...
Why Alexandra Bardales Switched to Rise Bar
Aug 26, 2014
I love the Blueberry Coconut Energy Bar. It is dense with nutrients, but not too...