4 Simple Ways to Spring Into Better Health This Season

4 Simple Ways to Spring Into Better Health This Season


4 Simple Ways to Spring Into Better Health This Season

Ahhh, the spring season truly feels like a breath of fresh air!

After the cold, dreary winter weather, the lighter, brighter view of spring on the horizon is a welcome, optimistic sight. 

Birds are chirping, colorful flowers are blooming, and we’re all itching to get outside in the sun.

Since spring is a fresh start worth taking advantage of, that’s exactly what you’ll find in this guide. We’ll show you how to make the most of the season and improve your health at the same time.

4 Easy Ways to Spring Into Better Health This Season

You may have kicked off the new year with a resolution to improve your health. But the lazy winter months after may have stalled progress on your goals. 

So to keep your New Year’s resolutions going strong, consider the change of season the perfect fresh start to recommit yourself to a better way of living.

To make the most of this clean slate, try one (or more!) of these easy spring-inspired tips:

1. Enjoy These Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Spring is the perfect time to indulge in the bounty of yummy fruits and veggies growing in your area. So try to hit up your local farmer’s market to scoop up the freshest produce at its peak.

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While this list of springtime fruits and veggies may vary depending on where you live, you should be able to find these nutritional powerhouses at any grocery store:

  1. Apples
  2. Apricots
  3. Asparagus
  4. Avocados
  5. Bananas
  6. Broccoli
  7. Carrots
  8. Celery
  9. Garlic
  10. Kale
  11. Lemons
  12. Mushrooms
  13. Peas
  14. Pineapples
  15. Strawberries

Loading up on seasonal produce not only saves you money (a seasonal overabundance means farmers can reduce their prices), but also guarantees the best flavors.

Add these springtime staples to your menu planning to savor all this growing season has to offer. You’ll probably enjoy eating your fruits and veggies a lot more during this time!

2. Take Your Workouts Outdoors

If you’ve been stuck indoors for several months now due to a cold, snowy winter season, now’s the perfect time to get outside and soak up everything fantastic about the great outdoors.

Whether you opt for a walk, try an outdoor fitness class, or give this no-equipment outdoor workout a go, the fresh air and sun will help tremendously -- both mentally and physically. 

Plus, you’ll get a nice dose of vitamin D from the sun if you’re out there long enough and not covered in sunscreen.

3. Start a New Workout Routine

Another excellent way to celebrate the fresh new season is with a refreshing new workout plan.

Maybe you’ve been eyeing a new piece of equipment, or you’ve been considering a new on-demand streaming fitness class -- we say go for it!

Trying new workouts is the key to keeping exercise fun and exciting, which is helpful for busting through a plateau and beating workout boredom. New routines can also work out your muscles in novel ways or stimulate muscles you rarely focus on.

Do this, and you’ll score tons of feel-good vibes that make you more motivated to work out.

4. Declutter Your Space

Spring cleaning often steals the focus of the season, but we’d argue there’s an even better step to take: decluttering your space.

You can follow the sage advice of Marie Kondo and dump anything that doesn’t bring you joy. Or you can simply throw out what you haven’t used in a few weeks or months.

The more you can clear your space of clutter, the better you’ll feel mentally. Maybe you’ll even find room to squeeze in a meditation space somewhere to double down on this benefit.

But don’t stop there!

On top of sprucing up your environment, see what else you can eliminate in your life that may be dragging you down (like a bad habit or unhealthy food obsession). Once you get rid of this heaviness, you’ll open yourself up to even better things to come. 

Maybe you’ll clear out the junk food in your pantry and stock it with satiating nuts, seeds, and beneficial protein bars. Or maybe you’ll swap 30 minutes of reality TV for a fun new yoga practice.

Whatever you do, don’t let this season pass you by without inspiring new growth in your life.

Ready To Try These Tips and Spring Into Better Health?

These four easy tips will help you get the most out of spring and improve your health along the way -- who wouldn’t want that?

Start your spring makeover by incorporating one of today’s tips into your daily routine. It can be as simple as picking up some fresh produce and eating it outside in the sun to soak up the best that spring has to offer.

Then work your way through the rest of the tips in this guide -- you won’t regret it! You can even share this post with your friends and family to reap spring’s bounty as a team. 

We know your health and wellness will blossom this season, and we’re super happy to see you glow up and shine! 🌷


Author: Devan Ciccarelli 

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