5 New Year Workouts To Try In 2023

5 New Year Workouts To Try In 2023


Why is it so important to find fun New Year workouts?

Because when you choose an activity you actually enjoy, you’ll be more motivated and excited to show up each day.

And as we shared in our guide on creating a sustainable New Year’s resolution, reaching your 2023 health and fitness goals is all about making progress.

Stick to the same boring routine — or worse, choose something that feels more like a grueling slog — and you’ll make any excuse to skip your workout. 

Then you’ll quickly lose steam and give up your New Year fitness challenge before it has a chance to become part of your daily routine.

So let’s start the year with a fresh spark and see if we can keep the blaze strong all year.

5 New Year Workouts To Try In 2023

Every New Year workout challenge for 2023 starts with a game plan. 

You’ll want to decide the best time to work out, how often you’ll do each activity, and a few backup plans in case Plan A falls through.

We think these fun workout options are worth trying at least once this year:

1. Rowing

Some people call rowing the new spinning, and it’s easy to see why. 

Rowing machines offer a fantastic full-body body workout, combining the benefits of strength training and cardio simultaneously. That’s why a 30-minute session burns between 300 and 500 calories.

Many gyms have rowing machines, but you can also practice with a specialized trainer at a local rowing studio. You can even add a rowing machine to your home gym.

Like spinning, you’ll find a ton of virtual rowing videos online to make your workouts fly by. Row along the coasts of tropical beaches, across a serene mountain lake, or during sunrise on a river, and you’ll never get bored.

2. Pilates

Whether you’ve tried every different type of yoga or learned yoga isn’t really your jam, pilates makes an excellent alternative. 

This low-impact workout benefits bodies of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels. It’s also especially helpful for people recovering from injuries and pregnant and postpartum women.

Pilates aims to optimize your strength via a series of moves focused on muscle balance. Each activity helps align your body, creating a lean, toned, sculpted physique. You may also increase your flexibility and improve your posture.

According to studies, the science-backed benefits of pilates include [*]:

  • Decreased back pain
  • Improved core strength and function
  • A wider range of motion
  • Better oxygen flow and blood circulation
  • Higher energy levels
  • Better sleep
  • More feel-good hormones for better moods
  • Lower symptoms of depression and anxiety

You don’t need a fancy pilates machine, but you can try one at your gym or local pilates studio if you’re curious. 

Beginners can also start with a pilates workout at home. 

Certified pilates instructor Move with Nicole offers beginner to advanced classes on her YouTube channel. Her 30-Minute Full Body Pilates Workout has close to 8 million views and will give you a killer post-workout glow.

3. BlazePod

If you’re looking for a New Year challenge, the BlazePod system will raise the bar on your HIIT workouts

Made up of discs that can be placed on the floor or stuck to a wall, each pod lights up in different colors when you tap them with your hand or foot. You can choose from preset workouts in their app or customize your own.

BlazePod calls its system a “smart reaction training platform” because the real-time data from each pod syncs up in your app. You’ll have all your performance metrics within reach to see physical proof of your fitness progress.

[image source: BlazePod]

You can train solo, but the workouts are even more fun when you add a friend or family member for a bit of competitive exercise.

4. Dance Cardio

Dance cardio classes prove a New Year workout doesn’t have to be boring. Plus, a 30-minute dance party gets your heart rate up, helps relieve stress, and torches between 250 and 600 calories.

Check out the POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel for workouts with size-inclusive dancers of all levels, such as:

You can dance like no one’s watching at home solo. But when you’re not motivated to work out, asking a friend to be your dance buddy will make your sweat sesh fly by and feel more fun.

5. Trail Hiking

We know the power of daily walks benefits your mental health and physical well-being. So:

If you’re a treadmill fanatic, make 2023 your year of exploration. Search YouTube for virtual walking or running around the globe. There’s a video for every vibe, from walking the beaches of Hawaii and the Grand Canyon to peaceful, sun-lit forests or an invigorating mountain trek of the Swiss Alps.

If you prefer being outside in nature, join a local hiking club. Hit the trails with your pack, and you’ll add socializing for your emotional health on top of the physical and mental benefits of walking.

Check out the Hiking Clubs Directory over at The Hiking Project to find trail clubs in your area. Their top-rated hikes will make hitting your 10k daily steps a literal walk in the park.

Don’t forget to peek at these guides before you go:

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So Are You Pumped To Tackle Your New Year Workouts?

Sticking to your fitness goals in 2023 is easy when you find an activity you like. So rotate a few of these into your weekly routine, and you may actually be excited to work up a sweat!

To ensure your workouts align with your clean eating goals, learn the difference between eating before vs. after working out next.

Author: Devan Ciccarelli 

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