4 Best-Kept Secrets for Getting the Most Out of 2016

As the New Year begins, many of us will reflect on how we spent the last 12 months and what we hope for in the year ahead. Whether or not you’re someone who believes in making New Years resolutions, this time of year provides us all with the opportunity for turning over a new leaf and getting a fresh start. Whether you’re looking to accomplish a specific goal in 2016 or just looking for some inspiration for the year ahead, we’ve got your back. We encourage you to take the leap, big or small, and want to help motivate you to do whatever it is that inspires you to improve your mind, body and soul in the upcoming year. Here are some of our best-kept secrets for the getting the most out of 2016!
  1. Strive for simple. Instead of reaching for broad goals like “health” or “happiness”, break down each of your aspirations into smaller, more digestible pieces. If health is what you’re striving for, you might decide to try one new healthy food each week. If you’re seeking happiness, make a commitment to start each day by reciting a positive intention. Nonspecific resolutions have a tendency to prove overwhelming and unsustainable while small, bite sized objectives are easier to follow and allow you to celebrate accomplishments along the way!
  2. Lean on your Tribe. No one expects you to be a one-person army. Accomplishing any big goal will require a reliable and trustworthy support system. Friends and family can provide an invaluable resource when you need a little bit of a push or a shoulder to cry on. Don’t feel badly about asking for help, even the strongest among us need some extra support sometimes.
  3. Do you. Happiness, health, wellness… all of these concepts are extremely subjective. What works for someone else may not work for you and that’s totally okay! Seek to find your own truth this year and follow the path that only you can carve out for yourself. Staying true to yourself and not compromising on what’s meaningful to you can have extremely empowering results. If 2015 was the year of doing what’s best, 2016 should be the year of doing what’s best for YOU.
  4. Take the leap. Change is hard. We’re the first ones to admit that. Rising to any challenge and overcoming doubt, fear and uncertainty can sometimes feel unattainable. We encourage you to take the leap this year and push the limits of what you think is possible. Instead of looking at fear as an obstacle, allow it to illuminate for you the areas in your life where you still have room to grow. We encourage you to go the distance in 2016 and promise to be there with you every step of the way!