Time Management Tips for Working Out and Working from Home

Time Management Tips for Working Out and Working from Home

Apr 22, 2020Rise Bar Team

How do you squeeze in a home workout when you’re working from home?

While it may have been easy to show up at the gym pre-coronavirus, workouts at home require a bit more planning.

This is especially true if extra duties like teaching, sanitizing, and video conferencing are now on your plate.

So we’ll be sharing the five best time management tips for working out while working from home in this guide.

To start, every workout routine at home must begin with the right game plan.

Schedule planner, laptop, pen, and phone

#1. Schedule Your At-Home Workouts — And Never Bail!

How does scheduling your workouts in advance save you time?

Despite the initial setup, all you’ll have to do during the week is simply check the plan, show up, and kick butt.

You’ll know when to work out, and you’ll know the type of exercise planned, so you won’t waste time researching or deciding this day-of.

Plus, working from home may offer a more flexible schedule. So you can schedule your workouts for when they suit your body best.

Would you rather work out before your busy day takes over and excuses get in the way? Or would you prefer an afternoon pick-me-up to power through your evening?

For some people, working out after work is a better option, although this can disrupt sleep if you’re not careful.

So take out your planner, schedule your workouts, and experiment until you know what’s best for you. Treat it like you would a work meeting and always show up.

If you can’t decide when to work out, you can always:

Man doing a squat with bar weights

#2. Use the Time You’d Normally Spend Commuting to Work Out at Home

Now that you’re working from home, don’t waste the time you used to spend commuting — make it your new exercise time slot.

Since this block of time is typically spoken for, you may not need to alter your schedule too drastically.

Decide whether you’ll do your workout routine at home before or after your workday. Then exercise for the same amount of time you’d be stuck in a car, on a bus, or on the train.

This route is super efficient because it’s all about switching the activities in your schedule, not adding to it.

On top of planning when you’ll work out, you should also mark down the exact type of exercise you plan to do.

Women doing sit up on the floor in athletic wear

#3. Assign a Type of Exercise to Your Day

Go ahead and jot down the type of activity you plan to do each day, and be sure to include a backup.

So maybe you’ll strength-train Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for example, and weave in cardio or yoga on Tuesday and Thursday.

Knowing this allows you to choose a workout before that day rolls around. Then you won’t waste your exercise time trying to figure out what to do.

Having a backup plan, say if it rains the day you decide to swim or bike, also means you won’t waste any time adjusting.

The more you can set yourself up ahead of time, the easier it will be to stick to the plan.

And the internet makes planning your at-home workouts easier than ever.

Women doing a yoga pose on a yoga mat

#4. Take Advantage of Free Fitness Classes Online

You may not feel confident enough to tackle workouts at home. But the internet is full of free fitness classes from experts you can follow.

When you schedule your workouts and decide which type you’ll do, perform a quick Google search to see all your options.

You’ll find workout classes from professional trainers on fitness sites, lifestyle channels, YouTube, and more.

Click through some of these workouts to get a feel for them. Then save the ones you want to try in a YouTube playlist or Pinterest board.

Organize your videos by the types of exercises (HIIT or barre, for example), workout time, or specific focus (abs, arms, legs, etc.).

By creating this collection, you’ll have a full catalog of choices to rotate through so you’re never bored or unsure of what to do.

You can even multitask by finding tomorrow’s routine while watching commercials during your favorite TV show the night before.

Knowing what you have planned means you can set up everything you need ahead of time.

During a free minute, put your clothes, home workout equipment, and water bottle where you intend to exercise the next day. Then all you have to do is show up ready to go.

Man going for a run down a road

#5. Weave in Walk Breaks Throughout Your Day

If you don’t feel up to knocking out a 30-minute workout, space three 10-minute walks throughout your day.

This will break up the time you spend sitting when you’re working from home.

And you’ll be getting out of the house and enjoying the fresh air, which may help you feel more energized and focused.

So go before work, after lunch, and once you end for the day.

You can even have the whole family join in if they’re also stuck in the house with you.

Become a Pro at Working Out While Working From Home

You now have the best time management tips to squeeze in a home workout even while working remotely.

Though you may have new demands in your schedule, these tips will help you transition to home workouts seamlessly and keep your fitness goals on track.

Stay safe and strong. We know you can do it!

Author: Devan Ciccarelli 
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