Workout Apps We're Loving

Workout Apps We're Loving

Nov 29, 2019Rise Bar Team

The Rise Bar team here is focusing on finish the year strong and continuing to Rise Above the goals we've set for 2019. Sometimes, it can be hard to make it to the gym, or even know which workout to do when we get there. We love using work out apps to help us push our selves in work outs, or to help us do a great at home gym workout. Check out some of our favorite work out apps for home workouts, or to help you hit your work out goals. 

Down Dog

Yoga has so many great benefits such as flexibility, mental strength and muscle toning. Down Dog is one our the best yoga apps in our opinion. It allows you to select the style of yoga that you want to do as well as any specific body part that you want to focus on. You're able to select the length of time, and even customize your teacher and music.

Price: Free
Apple watch compatible: Yes

"I love doing yoga as a way to help calm my mind and refresh each day. Down Dog is great because I can pick what yoga style I want and how long I want the workout to be"

-Michelle, Head of Accounting

Peloton App

Peloton App is designed by the creators of the Peloton bike. But it's not just good for at home cycling work outs. Peloton has a wide range of exercises to guide you through your workout at home or at the gym. From weight lifting, to running, and even yoga. It provides a great guided workout to help you Rise Above and push yourself!

Price: Free 30 day trial after that $12.99/month
Apple Watch Compatible: No 

"It can be hard for me to know exactly what to do when I work out. Peloton is great because I can choose between so many different types of exercises and get instructions from pros"

-Katie, Social Media Marketing Coordinator

Open Gym

Started by Crossfit athlete and coach Brooks Laich and Matt Hewett Open Gym is designed to help you burn fat, loose weight, and increase your endurance. A great app for people who do Crossfit, but want the option to do workouts at home. Although it's not designed for only Crossfit athletes, this app is great for all levels of experience who want to Rise Above in their workout. 

Price: Ranges from $12.99-$39.99 a month depending on the program you want to focus on
Apple Watch Compatible: No 

"I use to go to Crossfit throughout the week, but lately it's hard to find time to make it to a class. Open Gym lets me do similar weight training exercises right in my home"

-Josh Production Manager 


Classpass gives you access to thousands of local fitness studios and allows you to drop into their normally scheduled studio classes. Classpass runs on a monthly subscription service where people can purchase a bulk amount of credits. Each studio's class is a different amount of credits depending on price, availability, and popularity. This allows you to try different types of studio works outs such as cycling, HITT, yoga, boxing etc. 

Price: First month free, then $7.99-$199 each month 
Apple Watch Compatible: No

"I love trying out different fitness studios & mixing up my workouts so I don't get bored. Classpass is great because I can get access to so many different studios and try different workouts"

-Nikki Brand Manager

Nike Run

We love the Nike Run app because not only does it track your run, but it provides lots of useful information for runners. It can track overall trends in running, show running speed, and facts about your surrounds during the run.

Price: Free
Apple Watch Compatible: Yes

"After a long day of work nothing helps me relax and clear my mind like a run. Nike Run Club is great because I can track each run, see trends, and keep track of my progress."

-Ivan, Production

These apps are some of our favorite ways we're rising together to finish out the year strong, but we encourage you to find your own goal and set actionable steps to achieve that. Whether you're looking to loose weight, challenge yourself, or increase your endurance, there's great resources out there to help you achieve your fitness goals. 

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