Our Fitness Routines and Favorite Workouts

We all know that exercise is important for our health and overall well-being. It improves our mood, energy levels, and it’s fun! There are so many different ways to exercise and new gym concepts, boutique fitness studios, and types of workouts are emerging all the time. With all the new workout classes, we could each probably start our own  fitness exercise “bucket list.” Aerial yoga, POUND Fit, or Bokwa, anyone?

When it comes to fitness routines and exercises, many experts agree that the most important type of exercise is one that you will actually do. Ever heard the saying that “The longest journey begins with a single step?” Sometimes the hardest part about starting an exercise routine (or getting back into one) is just getting started. By trying a variety of different workouts you’ll be able to find one that works best for you and motivates you to get out of bed in the morning.  In our morning routines [link to post] blog post, our Rise Bar influencers talked about how they start their day. Many start off with exercise. Now, we’ve asked our own Rise Bar team to share their personal fitness routines with us and their best tips for getting started.

Peter Spenuzza is the Founder of Rise Bar

Peter Spenuzza, Founder

How Often You Exercise:
5 times per week

Favorite Way To Exercise / Routine:
I do CrossFit-style workouts three times per week and jiu-jitsu twice per week. I also love to throw in yoga once every couple of weeks, but I might ramp this up heading into summer!

Tip for someone who is just starting out:
There’s a fantastic series of blog posts from the author James Clear to help get you going – it’s all about the “Two Minute Rule” that acts as an anchor habit. For instance, just putting on running shoes will give you that little momentum to go for a quick jog. Or just doing 5 pushups might help you do 10 more. I recommend this for anyone who needs just a little motivation!

Katie Philipson, Events Marketing Manager

How Often You Exercise:
About 4-5 days a week!

Favorite Way To Exercise / Routine:
My favorite ways to exercise are running on the beach and doing body weight circuits, playing soccer, and taking new workout classes with my girl friends! I like to switch it up although you will find me at the beach every morning. I never get tired of that!

Tip for someone who is just starting out:
Grab a friend and make it fun and remember that working out is to celebrate your body's amazing abilities not just so it looks a certain way!

Sam Savage

Sam Savage, Media Marketing Manager

Name: Samantha (Certified NASM, PT)

How Often You Exercise:
I exercise between 3-5 times a week!

Favorite Way To Exercise:
My exercise routine is a combination of HIIT circuits, weight training and Cycling. I also incorporate outdoor fitness as much as possible! I like to mix up my workouts because I get bored easily and I like to push my body by shocking my muscles in different ways. I have always felt this way about fitness and when I dove deeper into fitness education, I learned this was the proven best way to exhibit real results from workouts!

Tip for someone who is just starting out OR a Tip for someone who is looking to take their fitness routine to the next level:
Not every fitness practice will be for you. Try as many different classes and workouts as possible. Explore different sports and exercises... don't get discouraged and take your time! Find the thing that makes you the most happy and pursue it! If you're enjoying what you're doing you're 1000 times more likely to stay committed.

Michelle Nguyen Kickboxing

Michelle Nguyen, Marketing Manager

How Often You Exercise:
I exercise 3-4 times a week

Favorite Way To Exercise / Routine:
My favorite way to exercise is through cardio kickboxing, Muay Thai and HIIT workouts. I typically start off with basic yoga stretches targeting my calves, hamstrings, hips and spine. Some of my favorites include the downward dog, forward fold, butterfly and a seated spinal twist. For me, this sets a good foundation. After I stretch, I jump rope for 10-15 minutes to warm up my body. My go-to’s are the side to side and single leg. For my main workout, I attend a group class for kickboxing + HIIT or Muay Thai. By being in a group dynamic, I feel like I push myself to work 10x harder.

Tip for someone who is just starting out OR a Tip for someone who is looking to take their fitness routine to the next level:
A tip for someone who is starting out — patience is a virtue. No one is an expert in one day or achieves their ideal body within a short period of time. With patience and consistency, you’ll get to where you need to be. It’s all about the journey!

Kelly Cutchshaw, Customer Service Manager

Name: Kelly

How Often You Exercise:
4-5 days a week. I become restless if I’m inactive for more than 2 days

Favorite Way To Exercise:
I have the greatest motivation when doing high energy cardio workouts. Spin, dance classes, and running on the beach are my top 3 favorites.

Tip for someone who is just starting out:
Do what you enjoy rather than doing what you think you should. I spent so much of my time doing workouts I hated and would get down on myself for not sticking to them. Then I realized how much I love exercising to loud music, now I never do a workout that doesn’t include a good beat!


Here are four quick tips for getting started and finding your fitness routine:

  • Apply the 2-minute rule. Lace up your running shoes and make it a goal to run for two minutes.
  • Work out with friends and make it fun
  • Explore different types of sports and exercises to see what works best for you
  • Be patient and consistent
Our team all agrees that the hardest part is getting started, so get out there and go for it! We would love to hear more about your fitness routines and what your favorite type of exercise is. Post in the comments below and let us know. Let’s rise together!