How to Get Organized for the New Year

How to Get Organized for the New Year

Jan 11, 2021Rise Bar Team

Ready to set and conquer your New Year goals for 2021?

The key to achieving these is to get organized for the New Year long before January 1st rolls around.

So we're sharing our easy four-step New Year to-do list in today's quick guide. You'll find everything you need to start 2021 on the right foot, including how to set yourself up for success and stay motivated all year long.

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4 Easy Tips to Get Organized for the New Year

Follow these four steps in order (and begin sooner than later) to crush your New Year fitness goals and clean eating plan:

1. Get Your 2021 Planner as Soon as Possible

The first item to tackle on your New Year to-do list is your planner or calendar. You should snag the perfect organizer for 2021 before your previous one ends.

This roadmap will be essential for creating and tracking your goals.

You’ll be able to organize your workouts around your busy schedule, outline shopping lists and meal menus for your daily macros, and keep track of the weather for outdoor exercises. You can also add in rest days and rewards for reaching big milestones.

Choose a planner or organizer that lets you write enough information in each daily, weekly, or monthly slot. Then you can see your entire plan at a glance and make notes as you go along.

2. Start Mapping Out Your New Year Goals and Training Schedule

With your planner in hand, you’ll want to think about and set realistic health and fitness goals you hope to accomplish.

Instead of focusing on arbitrary goals like losing 10lbs, consider picking ones that are more action-oriented. For example, you may want to set New Year fitness goals like walk three times per week and strength train twice per week.

Start mapping out these goals in your calendar or planner. You’ll also want to add micro-goals to hit on the path to reaching your larger ones. These will help you build momentum and confidence to keep going.

At this stage, you should also find training programs or come up with your own to reach your goals. Will you curate YouTube videos to work out at home or join a gym?

Figure out these details and add them to your planner. Then consider them set in stone (i.e., don’t flake on them).

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3. Gather Everything You’ll Need to Succeed

Next, you’ll need to take stock of your gear and equipment to ensure you’re set up for success. You can’t expect to reach your New Year goals if you don’t have the right tools or fuel to do so.

So after you lay out your gameplan, start envisioning what you’ll physically need to carry it out. Make a checklist of everything you’re missing, and secure these items before you get behind schedule.

Are your running shoes in good shape? Do you need better fitting workout clothes? What about equipment? Is your pantry stocked with protein-packed snacks?

Now’s the time to gather these critical supplies so you can hit the ground running as soon as the New Year begins.

4. Start the Habit Today

There’s no rule that says you can’t work on your New Year’s goals before January 1st. It’s actually a smart idea to start forming your new habits ahead of schedule rather than waiting.

You’ll be feeling highly motivated after you take the time to organize your goals and make a game plan. So start making small changes now, and you’ll be in the groove by the time December ends and January begins.

This will make it much easier for you to keep going instead of having to start immediately after the holidays. Plus, you’ll also get to test out different machines or workouts before the gyms get crowded with New Year resolutioners.

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Use These Tips to Get Organized for the New Year Starting Today

Since you’ve made it to this point in our guide, you now have a New Year to do list that will help you get organized and stay strong. Follow these tips, and you’ll have no trouble tracking your goals and smashing them in 2021.

You may also want to consider adjusting your plan to start ASAP. You’ll be a few steps closer to reaching your goals before the new year even begins.

Now draft up a game plan, put the plan on paper, and set it in motion -- we know you can do it!

Author: Devan Ciccarelli 
Instagram/Facebook Group: @behappynothangry/Be Happy Not Hangry

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