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How to Know When You Need to Recharge (And How to Recharge)

May 17, 2021Rise Bar Team

In today’s fast-paced, on-demand world, it’s far too easy to drain your physical, emotional, and mental energy levels without filling them back up.

Our hustle culture and 24/7 connections to technology force an “always on” mindset that can be difficult to shake. And even when we’re not “on-the-go,” many of us are still restless and unable to relax.

Man on laptop looking stressed

Do this often and long enough, and you’ll find yourself mentally and physically wiped out. This can lead to health issues in the short term and more serious, chronic problems later down the road.

So how do you avoid this bad news?

First, you learn the red flags of burnout. Then, you can address their causes and replenish energy levels with the tips in today’s guide.

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How To Know When You Need To Recharge (+ How To Give Yourself a Mental Recharge)

If you find yourself experiencing any of the following symptoms, it’s time to pause and prioritize a recharge. We’ll show you the best stress reducing activities and self care rituals to help you out.

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You Feel Tired Most of the Time and Crave Caffeine or Junk Food

If you’re waking up feeling tired despite getting adequate sleep, or you find yourself looking for quick energy fixes in the form of caffeine or junk food during the day, you might be dealing with burnout.

The more you pack into your schedule, the more exhausted your body and brain will feel -- especially if you’re not giving yourself equal time to relax.

The Fix: Focus on getting high-quality sleep, which can help give you both a physical and mental recharge. This may prevent burnout from creeping in and give you more energy throughout your busy day.

You should also try these stress reducing activities to encourage more downtime:

  • Unplug from technology at least two hours before bed
  • Try meditating at least 10 minutes per day
  • Give journaling a go to quiet your mind
  • Wind down your body with yoga
  • Spend some quiet time in nature

Getting enough high-quality sleep will also help reduce cravings the next day, since you won’t feel so exhausted and on the hunt for fast pick-me-ups.

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You’re Quick-Tempered, Moody, and Resentful

Burnout doesn’t just apply to your mental and physical energy levels. It also applies to your mood and emotional state.

If you’re finding yourself easily agitated, moodier then usual, or even resentful of those around you, it may be a sign that you need a mental recharge.

The Fix: Try to get in the habit of slowing down or pausing to take better care of your needs.

It’s not selfish to prioritize your well-being. In fact, it can make you a kinder, more helpful person to those around you.

These self care rituals will fill up your cup and make you feel good:

  • Going for a relaxing massage
  • Taking a warm bath with calming essential oils
  • Keeping a gratitude journal
  • Doing your favorite exercise/activity
  • Going for a walk outdoors
  • Talking to people who make you smile
  • Meeting friends and family for dinner

Weave these restorative activities into your schedule each day (or at least weekly), and you may be surprised by how much happier and more energized you’ll feel.

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Final Thoughts On the Importance Of Recharging

We’re often taught that being “on” all the time is a good thing. After all, working 24/7 means you’ll reach your goals faster, right?

Unfortunately, this thinking couldn’t be further from the truth. And it’s a surefire recipe for quickly burning out and experiencing negative health issues.

That’s why it’s so essential to listen to your body and give yourself the physical, emotional, and mental recharge it needs.

Each time you engage in stress reducing activities and self care rituals, you recharge your batteries and replenish energy levels. You’ll no longer feel as if you’re running on empty and will instead find that you’re able to get even more done.

So take a break -- you deserve it!

Author: Devan Ciccarelli 
Instagram/Facebook Group: @behappynothangry/Be Happy Not Hangry

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