Top Motivational Tips from Our Influencers

Top Motivational Tips from Our Influencers

Dec 19, 2018Rise Bar Team

Our team of influencers provided us with tips on how they stay motivated and consistent, even when the tough gets going.

Nicole Zapoli

Having your short & long term goals written out helps keep you focused and powering through, especially on those days when motivation may be running a little low.

Danielle Stead

The 80/20 rule. Be disciplined, work hard, focus, eat clean, train dirty, give everything you got 80% of the time. Know that delicious food, rest days, date-nights, social events, vacations and all your favorite things will come after the hard work.

Katie Bercume

My top motivational tip that keeps me working out every single day is "making it fun". I believe that if you don't enjoy something you shouldn't be doing it! We only have one life and we should love every single thing that we do! I got really tired of my gym workouts recently, so I completely changed my workout routine. I incorporated some outdoors HIIT workouts, mixed them up with running, swimming, and paddle boarding, and I'm loving it!

Kendall Rivera

I have always lived an active lifestyle growing up but it wasn’t until about two years ago that I started setting goals for myself. Ever since then, I had a completely new perspective on going to the gym. I was no longer counting down the minutes until my workout was over, but rather getting extremely excited before lifting weights because I knew each workout was putting me closer to my goals. A few motivational tips that I remind myself of daily are to have a positive outlook without any negative self image and to envision your goals and realize that you can absolutely turn them into reality through hard work.

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