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25 Foodie Instagram Influencers to Follow For Healthy Recipes

Mar 01, 2021Rise Bar Team

Whether you are looking for some recipe inspiration, trying to transition to healthier eating, or simply want to have fun trying out new foods, Instagram is a great place to look for foodies sharing healthy recipes!

Instagram has so many different pages consisting of recipes that can meet any of your desired health goals! Many pages on Instagram tailor their content to specific dietary patterns to help you find the content you are looking for.

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Before We Show You IG Accounts to Follow, Read This

We want you to keep in mind that starting your journey to healthy eating should be fun!

By making small changes each day that you know will fit into your lifestyle will make it easier for you to sustain new habits over time.

Remember that the goals you set for yourself in any area of your health should be SMART for you to achieve the best possible outcome:

  • Specific: The what, why, and how should be addressed in your goal
  • Measurable: All goals should include some type of measurable outcome
  • Attainable: Keep your goals in line with what you think you are capable of
  • Realistic: Focus on goals that you know will be realistic with your lifestyle
  • Time-bound: Come up with a time period to achieve your goals to make yourself more accountable

Setting one overarching goal of eating healthy is often harder to reach than taking smaller steps every day that will be more effective in helping you make long-term changes.

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25 Foodie Instagram Influencers to Follow For Healthy Recipes

Here is a list of some of our favorite food Instagram followers to keep you healthy and hungry this year:

1. Erin Christ (@bodybybreakfast)

2. Courtney Paige (@apaigeofpositivity)

3. Kendall (@kissmywheatgrass_)

4. Amanda Wilson (@awilsonwellness)

5. Jessie Bittner (@justjessieb)

6. Dan (@whole.food.healing)

7. Kelly Nardo (@eatthegains)

8. Kelsey Preciado (@littlebitsof_realfood)

9. Michelle Smith (@thewholesmiths)

10. Jenn (@pretend_its_a_donut)

11. Natalie (@perrysplate)

12. Lisa Bryan (@downshiftology)

13. Alaena Haber (@grazedandenthused)

14. Talia (@taliasplate)

15. Leanne (@leanneliveshealthy)

16. Ash and Britt (@twinskitchen)

17. Michelle (@dwellbymichelle)

18. Ashlee (@pursuegoodfood)

19. Sabrina Winn (@everydaywinns)

20. Nayiri (@cleanedmy_plate)

21. Janae Cox (@cleanmondaymeals)

22. María Fernanda (@purely_healthy_living)

23. Lily Ross (@_intuitivelivingwithlil)

24. Cheryl Malik (@40aprons)

25. Megan (@sayimafoodie)

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Tips on How to Make Small Changes That Last

Here is a list of some of our tips on how you can make small changes to transition to healthier eating!

  • If you want to eat more vegetables: “I will eat one serving of vegetables at dinner three times this week.”
  • If you want to transition to more of a plant-based diet: “I will include a plant-based protein for lunch four times this week.”
  • If you want to eat more whole-grains: “I will choose whole-grains for breakfast three times this week.”
  • If you want to include healthier unsaturated fats into your diet: “I will cook with olive oil or avocado oil five days this week.”
  • If you want to practice clean eating: “I will choose whole fruit as a dessert three times this week.” 

Remember that healthy eating is not about being perfect in what you eat every day. It is finding what works best for you, your body, and your lifestyle. 

If you're in need of a healthy on the go snack, rise bars are perfect! Incorporating more protein into your diet can potentially help with other nutritional goals. Our bars are not only healthy but come in a variety of different flavors, like our best selling Almond Honey.

Transitioning to healthy eating should be something that you want to do for yourself to improve your overall health. When it comes down to it, we can all look at different pages on Instagram as many times as we want, but it is the intrinsic motivation that lies within each of us that will be the driving force to creating life-long changes!

Next time you are lacking the motivation to eat healthy or you are struggling to come up with meal ideas for the week, make sure to check out some of our favorite influencers for some new food creations and recipe ideas!


Author: Karli McCarthy
Cal Poly, SLO Nutrition Student

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