25 Fitness Instagram Influencers to Follow To Keep You Motivated This Year

25 Fitness Instagram Influencers to Follow To Keep You Motivated This Year

Feb 22, 2021Rise Bar Team

With so many fitness influencers on Instagram, it can be overwhelming and intimidating trying to figure out which ones to follow.

Should you look for someone who shares a daily workout routine or HIIT circuit? What about accounts posting clean eating tips and encouraging before/after pics? All of the above?

You can see why it’s so easy to fall down the fitness inspiration rabbit hole, even though none of us have time for that.

So we’ve rounded up a list of our favorite fitness influencers to give you the motivation you need to kick your fitness journey into gear (or up a notch) without wasting time.

But before you meet them, let’s warm up with a few caveats first.

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Before We Show You Who to Follow, Read This

We all know social media can be a double-edged sword. Try to keep these tips in mind when you’re scrolling to create a healthy balance:

Start Slow, Remain Steady

A badass fitness influencer should be highly-trained and backed by professional certifications. This makes them equipped to serve as incredible motivators and amazing teachers.

So you’ll not only peek new exercise routines, you’ll also get educated on proper form and safe workout moves.

But if you’re just starting out, don’t expect to jump right into an intense HIIT circuit that torches calories or start lifting 20-pound weights.

Again, these fitness influencers are professionals. They’ve been practicing these moves and building up their stamina for several years, which means they’re much more advanced than your average person.

So instead of copying their entire workouts when you’re a newbie, focus on taking small steps as you get stronger. Start with the simple act of following them. Then try one or two of their moves until you build up the confidence to try something more advanced.

These small wins will give you the motivation to continue on your fitness journey and steadily get better. But if you rush right in and don’t succeed, you may not be motivated to continue.

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Disconnect When You Feel the Comparison Bug

Former US President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” And that was 100 years before social media was even a thing.

Scrolling endless picture-perfect posts can leave you feeling less than adequate. Even if you feel proud about working out or losing weight, you may still naturally compare your wins to someone else’s and slowly lose that happiness.

But we all know these pics aren’t reality, and no one’s life is truly perfect, despite how golden the Instagram filters make it look.

The goal here is to find more health and fitness inspiration and try new workout routines for fun, not to look like someone else.

So whenever you hear the siren call of comparison, it’s time to close out Insta and get your body moving. Show yourself why you’re amazing, unlike anyone else, and stronger than you even know.

These fitness influencers inspire us, and we think you’ll like them too.

Woman doing exercises in the gym

25 Fitness Instagram Influencers to Follow To Keep You Motivated This Year

1. Nicole Zapoli (@nicolezapoli)

2. Skye Halliday Wilson (@skyehallidaywilson)

3. Jessica Wester (@_jessicawester)

4. Angelika Hoeflich (@angelikahoeflich)

5. Chris & Anthea Rushing (@rushfitnessnyc)

6. John S (@schroederj_)

7. Jeffrey Vargas (@jeff_uno)

8. Shreya (@28unlocked)

9. Audrey Jo (@sandsfitness)

10. Mel Woods (@melraewoods)

11. Greg Molina (@molinagfit)

12. Chris Jinna (@chrisjinna)

13. Erin (@erin.spiration)

14. Anthony Giagunto (@antny_gee)

15. Lauren Esposito (@laurenkesposito)

16. Tiffany Forbito (@tiffanyforbito)

17. Becky LaChance (@becksliveshealthy)

18. Bonnie Schroeder (@bonschro

19. Chris Wessels (@chris_wessels)

20. Samantha Holley (@samanthaholleyfit)

21. Ellen Haines (@ellen.haines)

22. Libby Rose (@libbyrose_fit)

23. Melissa Kendter (@mkfitnes)

24. Sammy Fumagalli (@funfitfuma)

25. Ashley and Amanda (@roseytimestwo)


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Final Thoughts on Following These Fitness Influencers

Now that you know more about these awesome fitness Instagram influencers, be sure to give them a follow once you’re done reading this guide.

And, remember, our goal with sharing these influencers is to give you inspiration and motivation. Try your best not to compare yourself to them since you’re on different -- and equally excellent -- journeys.

Focus on taking small steps each day and have some fun with it!

Fitness isn’t just about getting six-pack abs. It’s about getting healthier, stronger, and feeling better. These influencers will give you the confidence to do all of the above (and more!).

Author: Devan Ciccarelli 
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Instagram/Facebook Group: @behappynothangry/Be Happy Not Hangry
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